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12 Products That Will Bring More Hygge to Your Life

Because we could all use a little comfort RN
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Hygge is having a major moment. The Danish concept (it's pronounced 'hoo-gah,' FYI) is all about comfort and contentedness, encouraging people to find joy and solace in everyday moments. And it's not just the Danes -- the Swedes, Norwegians and Finns all have their own take on this idea, which helps get them through their cold, dark winters. Not to mention, these nations are rated as some of the happiest on Earth. So, why not take a page from their book? After all, with all the uncertainty happening in the world, we'll take every bit of happiness and comfort we can find. Embrace the hygge with these 12 products, all guaranteed to bring more beauty and joy to your life.

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A natural humectant, honey is insanely moisturizing; in this mask, it's combined with propolis, an ingredient found in beehives and amino acid-rich royal jelly that makes for a nourished, younger-looking complexion. The best part? This mask slowly warms up as you massage it into your skin, making the experience extra comforting and indulgent.

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Paddywax Hygge Candle, $29
These soy-wax candles are guaranteed to up the cozy factor of your space. Housed in ceramic, Danish-inspired vessels in tranquil colors and with lead-free wicks, we suggest picking one up for every room in your house. Available in five warming, oh-so-homey scents: wild fig & cedar, rosewood & patchouli, vetiver & cardamom, tobacco & vanilla and bergamot & mahogany.

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Love + Sage Lip Balm in Beach Rose, $12
Creamy shea butter, coconut oil and jojoba oil give this pucker-perfector its moisturizing base, which is enhanced with a subtle and universally flattering pink hue. Oh, and did we mention the delightful rose and vanilla scent?

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Treets Traditions Bath Tea in Healing Harmony, $12
Nothing's more comforting than sipping a cup of warm tea ... except maybe soaking in it. Ideal to use pre-bedtime, this bath tea contains skin-soothing oatmeal flakes and lavender blossoms for a calming scent, relaxing both your mind and body.

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