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22 Nail Art Prodigies to Follow on Instagram

Find your new nail art guru right here, right now
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Honestly, is there any better way to relax than to endlessly scroll Instagram while admiring manicures? Forget baseball, let's make this the new national pastime. After all, there are definitely nail artists out there who know how to hit metaphorical home runs with their intricate nail art as well as any major league player can hit a literal one with a bat. Call them the MVPs of nail art, if you will.

And for those of us who are mere spectators? Well, there are dozens of amazing nail art accounts out there; in fact, there's one for every single whim that takes your fancy. Whether your taste leans quirky, a la Zooey Deschanel's infamous tuxedo manicure, more edgy like these geometric stiletto nails, or even classic and feminine like petal pink and gold French tips, there's nail design ideas out there for everyone.

Read on to discover some of the best nail art prodigies on Instagram -- your retinas will thank you for all of the eye candy.

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If You Run With the J. Crew Set
Follow: Chelsea King, @chelseaqueen

Why: Revlon Nail Stylist Chelsea King is your go-to for all things trendy, with a resort-like, preppy vibe (just like a certain popular chain boutique we all know and love).

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If You Have a Passion for All Things Quirky
Follow: Mei Kawagiri, @ciaomanhattan2012

Why: No one has quite mastered off-the-wall, whimsical nail art like Mei Kawajiri has. Her intricately rendered manicures range in tone from zeitgeist-y pop culture to ultra-feminine, with nary a misstep along the way.

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If You Want To Bring New Meaning to the Term 'Nail Art'
Follow: Park Eun Kyung, @nail_unistella

Why: Famous for pioneering the "shattered glass" nails, South Korean nail artist Park Eun Kyung's geometric nail designs seem more like art than manicures.

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If You Prefer Your Colors Saturated
Follow: Madeline Poole, @mpnails

Why: Equal parts vibrant and chic, Sally Hansen Global Color Ambassador Madeline Poole's Instagram account is truly a sight to behold. Her manicures have a hefty dose of fashion-forward boldness that always keeps things interesting.

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