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How to Order Healthy at Starbucks, According to Dietitians

WITHOUT sacrificing flavor
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Whether you're trying the Whole30 challenge, are a strict paleo enthusiast, or are making amazing progress on the keto diet, it's safe to say that ordering out from your favorite chains like Starbucks isn't always easy, since the added sugar, calories, and carbs hidden inside some fast food items can throw a wrench in your health goals.

However, that doesn't mean you have to cut out your latte runs entirely — the chain actually offers surprisingly healthy drink orders that go low on the dairy and sugar... and high on the natural antioxidants. So, from tea to lattes to refreshing iced coffee, below are some tips and healthy drinks at Starbucks worth keeping on your radar, all according to Starbucks-obsessed influencers and registered dietitians.

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Ask for Half the Amount of Syrup

"Most baristas use up to eight pumps of sugar syrup in each beverage," says nutrition expert and influencer Ashley Reinke. However, by asking for half the syrup, she suggests that you can keep the flavor, but also cut the calories and the sugar. And bonus: This trick will also help to curb your eventual sugar crash.

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Substitute Plant-Based Milk for Regular Milk

"Almond milk contains half the calories and sugar of regular (even fat-free milk!) milk," says Reinke. Another hack? She explains that coconut milk and soy milk are both naturally sweet, which allows you to avoid adding extra sugar.

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Opt for Regular Coffee Instead of a Latte

"I love ordering the Cinnamon Dolce Latte at Starbucks, but instead of ordering the actual latte, I order a grande coffee with two pumps of the cinnamon dolce syrup," Reinke explains. "I also add a splash of soy or almond milk to save some extra calories."

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Use Half-and-Half Instead Of Nonfat Milk and Sugar In Your Black Coffee

This may seem counterintuitive, but Reinke says that the richness of half-and-half helps decrease your need for sugar — essentially, adding a splash of the stuff to your coffee will achieve the same effect as dumping in the fat-free milk and sugar packets into your beverage (which at least decreases the amount of refined sugar you're consuming).

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