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13 Hottest Healthy Restaurants From Around The World

These restaurants prove that you can still eat healthy AND indulge
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When traveling, most of us tend to skip working out, hit those all-you-can-eat hotel breakfast buffets and take the opportunity to indulge in foods and drinks we might otherwise try a bit harder to avoid. Peppered between boozy margaritas and fried falafels, however, there are plenty of places to enjoy healthy dishes that involve zero compromise when you're on vacation. Here's a look at some seriously mouthwatering dishes from the hottest healthy restaurants around the world.

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Celicioso at the Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay in Ibiza, Spain
You don't associate Ibiza with smoothies, gluten-free pastries and vegan breakfast bowls, but you can get all that and more at Celicioso, which is located in the lobby of the Nobu Hotel as well as in other locations throughout Spain.

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Selene Restaurant in Santorini, Greece
Selene has been around for over three decades and is widely regarded as the best restaurant in Santorini. Everything is made using local ingredients — even veggie haters won't be able to resist their multi-textured, one-of-a-kind salad.

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Urban Shaman in Tel Aviv, Israel
Whether you want raw vegan spirulina cake, buckwheat pancakes or gluten-free vegan tacos, Urban Shaman has you covered.

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Bana in Tel Aviv, Israel
For some of the best examples of making vegetables the stars of a dish, check out plant-based eatery Bana. No need to imitate meat when ingredients are this good.

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