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How Healthy Are These "Health Foods?" We Asked Top Nutritionists to Find Out

Which ones are actually healthy and which ones are just "healthy?"
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GG Crackers

Claim: GG Crackers claim to be appetite-controlling high-fiber crackers.

What the experts say: "These are made with simple ingredients and provide four grams of insoluble dietary fiber per serving, which is of benefit for our digestive system as well as our appetite," says Susan Piergeorge, MS, RDN and nutritionist for Rainbow Light and Natural Vitality Calm. "They also serve as a great vehicle for your favorite spreads to round out a snack such as nut butter, hummus, guacamole, egg, tuna, or chicken salad, salmon with some cream cheese or cottage cheese."

Verdict: Healthy!

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Sakara Life Beauty Super Bar

Claim: Sakara Life Beauty Super Bars are said to be made with a patent-pending skin-beautifying ingredient clinically shown to make skin look clearer, brighter and firmer. They're also marketed as a high-fiber, low-sugar bar.

What the experts say: "This product gets a big eye roll from me," says nutrition expert Natalie Smotkin, CNTP. "The ingredients are inherently clean, but I wouldn't recommend eating more than one a day since it has 11 grams of sugar per bar. Per the studies conducted on the product, you would have to eat a bar a day for 8-12 weeks to achieve 'glowing skin.' You're better off eating real, whole, naturally occurring fruits and veggies that help balance your hormones and in turn brighten your skin. This product, and seemingly the entire brand, seem to capitalize on and perpetuate the insecurities of women and devalues the real definition of wellness. With testimonials from their products that read 'I lost 5 pounds in two weeks!,' I can conclude that this company is not in the business of wellness but luring people into buying their products with unrealistic expectations."

Verdict: Not necessarily unhealthy! But it has unrealistic goals!

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Right Rice

Claim: Right Rice markets itself as vegetable grain that tastes and feels just like traditional white rice, but contains more than two times the protein and five times the fiber of white rice.

What the experts say: "Right Rice solves the problem for the generally empty nutritional profile of rice by adding more fiber, protein and lowering net carbs," says Smotkin. "The ingredients are simple, clean and natural which makes them a great option for any meal. The caveat with Right Rice is for people who don't do well with digesting legumes since it uses chickpeas and lentils in its proprietary blend."

Verdict: Healthy!

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Claim: PB2 is an alternative to nut butters with less calories and fat.

What the experts say: "If you're a true nut lover and you've tasted Pb2, you might be disappointed with the low-fat, low-calorie alternative because it's a bit chalky and can be difficult to produce the same creamy consistency," says nutritionist and holistic health coach Jen Silverman. "However, for 60 calories and 1.5g of fat, compared to 190 calories and 16g of fat in a real nut butter, I'd say it's a win! Add them to smoothies, spread them on bread, crackers or fruits. Pb2 is a good flavor match, but because it's significantly lower in fat and calories, it won't satiate you the same as nuts or a true nut butter."

Verdict: Healthy, albeit not quite as tasty as a true nut butter!

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Lily's Sweets

Claim: Lily's Sweets markets itself as better-for you, stevia-sweetened chocolate.

What the experts say: "Is Lily's lower in sugar than your standard chocolate bar? Yes. Is it better for you? No!" says Silverman. "Lily's uses erythritol, a sugar alcohol that can cause digestive issues such as diarrhea and other negative health outcomes. I encourage clients to eat dark chocolate (85 percent cacao) instead. Not only is it lower in sugar, but it's higher in antioxidants."

Verdict: Not healthy!

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