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Your Perfect Nail Polish, According to Your Hogwarts House

If the "Harry Potter" Sorting Hat were assigning nail polish colors, here's what it would say to you
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Let's try a little exercise in visualization: Close your eyes. Imagine that you're seated on a stool in Hogwarts' Great Hall. (Yes, we know you're geeking out). Headmaster Dumbledore (R.I.P.) is in front of you, the rest of the magically inclined first-years are behind you. But when the Sorting Hat is placed on your head, it sing-songs not only your House, but the nail polish shades that best suit your personality.

Well, fellow Potterheads, we're bringing part of this beauty-meets-Hogwarts fantasy to life (minus the close encounter with Dumbledore, unfortunately). Whether you self-identify as a clever Ravenclaw, a calculating Slytherin, a valiant Gryffindor or a totally pleasant Hufflepuff, we've found the nail polish colors that speak directly to your wizarding alter-ego.

And even if all this sounds like total nonsense (we won't judge you, Muggles), you're still going to want to keep clicking to discover some of this season's hottest nail polish shades.

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House Colors: Canary yellow and black

Characteristics: Loyal, determined and patient

The Sorting Hat Says: As Herbology enthusiasts, Hufflepuffs will be drawn to earthy colors. They're also suited to muted colors and nudes that represent the quiet determination that's at the heart of their personalities. Of course, a wizard in this house will just as readily flaunt a sunny yellow that mirrors their house color -- so it's a good thing so many have popped up in spring collections this year.


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Smith & Cult Nailed Lacquer in The Bee Side, $18

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Morgan Taylor Professional Nail Lacquer Prim-rose and Proper, $9

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Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Gigabryte, $9.99

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