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7 Hydrating Hand Masks to Pamper Those Poor Paws

Major hydration and self-care... in a glove
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Having a decent hand cream in your beauty arsenal is as essential as having a seamless foundation or a nonchalky, non-greasy sunscreen (they do exist!). When it comes to looking after our hardworking, constantly scrubbed hands, sometimes they could use a little extra nourishment and TLC — which is when a hand mask can be a great option.

Like our favorite face sheet masks, hand masks involve covering our dry, scaly fingers and palms in a serum-soaked essence for major hydration. However, hand masks come in the form of gloves and mitts rather than fiddly sheets.

Use a hand mask when your hand cream needs a boost, when your mitts don't feel like they can stand up to another thorough washing or any time you want to practice some self-care. Multitask and use a facial sheet mask the same time as your hand mask. Just make sure to apply your face one first!

Click ahead to see the nourishing hand masks that hydrate and replenish.

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These futuristic-looking foil hand masks utilize warming thermotherapy (read: they heat up) for a spa-like treatment that helps the nourishing essence get absorbed. Dryness and roughness are replaced by smooth, baby-soft hands. (Pro tip: Make life easier by snapping your mandatory Instagram photo before applying both gloves.)

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There's no need to worry about ill-fitting fingers thanks to these self-warming mittens. Simply slip mitts over clean hands and seal with the included sticker. Insulation technology harnesses your body heat to help the shea butter and rosehip oil formula absorb. The nourishing mask also targets often-forgotten cuticles.

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The power of cica, plus shea butter and soothing prebiotic oat is harnessed in these budget-friendly hand masks. The paraben- and fragrance-free product is gentle enough for the driest of hands and safe for sensitive skin. The quick-acting formula has a nondrip consistency so all the goodness goes into hands, not the bathroom floor.

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Sephora's range of affordable hand masks features three formulations: rose, macadamia and avocado. The vegan masks all smell divine and nourish scaly paws in 15 minutes. And the packaging earns major cuteness points.

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