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7 Avocado Beauty Products That Keep Skin Hydrated and Smooth

It's good for more than just guac.
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While the beauty industry is constantly coming up with new ingredients to make our products more effective, there are plenty of natural ingredients that have been doing it for years. One of our favorite ingredients regaining popularity lately is avocado. (Yes, it's good for way more than just guacamole or avo toast.)

Avocado does wonders for the skin, no matter what your issues are, making it a popular ingredient for DIY face masks. Thanks to antioxidants, you'll receive major anti-aging properties, a bright and glowing complexion, and serious protection again damaging sun rays and free radicals. Not into homemade skin care? Check out these products containing the star ingredient.

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This major hydrating mask soaks into the skin, leaving it incredibly conditioned and balanced. Unlike many masks, it gives skin a velvety-matte finish thanks to vitamin and antioxidant-rich ingredients like bitter orange peel, creamy white clay and avocado oil.

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Apply this sleeping mask all over your skin before you slip between the sheets and you can count on "waking up like this" as Bey would say. This creamy number is formulated with avocado, honey and PHA (polyhydroxy acid for gentle exfoliation) to combat dryness, dullness and uneven texture.

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Even acne-prone skin will love this seriously hydrating facial lotion. It's incredibly thin, making it great for those with oily skin who don't like a heavy hydrator. It uses avocado extract to make skin plump, clear of breakouts and moisturizer.

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Even the under-eye area needs a boost of hydration. This eye cream will prep eyes for makeup and leave skin softer, suppler and more youthful looking.

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