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The Coolest Bars in Town — Waterless Specials Coming Through

Sustainable cleansing, anyone?
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Earth Day is every day! However, it is also a global event acknowledged and celebrated on April 22nd every year since the 1970's. As our world reshapes continually and as climate change awareness grows more deeply in societies worldwide, we keep witnessing the changes both the fashion and beauty industries are implementing with sustainability in mind; one of them is the rise of waterless products, offering us quality face and body care, only plastic-free and zero-waste.

That's where cleansing bars come in. Just one shampoo or body bar replaces up to three 250ml bottles of liquid product, minus the plastic waste. These are far from the soap bars of our grandmas' time, though; we can take our pick of shampoos and conditioners in bar form, for every scalp and hair concern and type. Body bars come with or without exfoliating ingredients, and face bars of our time actually tackle the troubles of our time, like hyper-pigmentation, sensitivity, acne, and dehydration. Give one of these a try if you haven't already; you might find you enjoy the simplicity, easy portability, a change from the usual, or simply the knowledge that your daily care rituals do not contribute to the pollution of land and water belonging to our only home — our living, breathing Earth.

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With ingredient combos like matcha-vanilla, orange-poppy seed and strawberry-chocolate, each exfoliating bar is completely breakable into preferred size, foam cleansing, and ultra-moisturizing, and also uses skin-loving ingredients like sugar, cocoa butter and sunflower oil to deeply penetrate skin and buff away dead cells with ease and pleasure.

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Feel free to use this all over the body, not just on your buns, steel or plush. Filled with antioxidant-rich and collagen-enhancing active ingredients, skin will feel cleaner and smoother. The smell of watermelon paired with the effects of vitamin E, orange flower water and wheat protein may not lift our peaches, but will definitely lift our mood.

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This soap-free bar nourishes the scalp with argan, coconut, jojoba, castor and orange oil. Works on all hair types and textures, providing a thorough clean and care with every wash. One bar should last you 60-80 washes.

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If oily skin is your main concern, along with the first signs of aging, this activated charcoal-infused face and body soap bar will draw impurities and dirt from the skin. Lavender, patchouli and frankincense work hand in hand with the charcoal to help reduce the appearance of pores and minimize breakouts, while the nourishing and calming benefits of calendula help plump and soothe skin.

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