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13 Grown-up Popsicles That You Won't Find in the Freezer Section

Including boozy options and caffeinated options (and some top shelf ingredients)
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It's peak summer — and dare we say that we've lost our craving for hot, gooey brownies? That said, the sky high temperatures aren't enough to kill our sweet tooth completely... It's popsicles, ice cream and no-bake desserts we want. So if you've already perfected your no-bake cheesecake, and you want to feel like a gourmet whiz (with minimal effort), you can try making homemade popsicles.

It's likely that you have a box (or three) of a favorite childhood popsicle in the freezer. We couldn't imagine giving those up, and wouldn't ask anyone to. We're offering more grow-up alternatives when you are craving something different than a frozen sugar bomb. In fact, some of the recipes don't use white sugar at all. These adult popsicles will appeal to the refined side of your palate thanks to inventive combinations, gorgeous colors (and the occasional boozy option.)

The sophisticated popsicles aren't anything you'll find in the freezer section of even the best-stocked grocery store. And they make use of those popsicle molds that you bought ages ago online. Hurrah! Click through the gallery to see 13 grown-up popsicle recipe ideas that are delicious and so simple to make. Time to clear up some freezer space.

Image via @themindfulavocado

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Matcha, Avocado, Coconut and Chocolate Popsicles

These gorgeous green popsicles get their signature hue from virtuous ingredients including avocado and matcha powder. The sugar-free popsicle's health quota is bolstered by using medjool dates as the sweetener — and they're vegan if you use coconut milk or nut milk. We can accurately call them healthy and delicious. Double yum.

Image and recipe via @kaleandchocolate

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Bourbon and Pineapple Popsicles

Bourbon in a popsicle? That's probably a new way for many to have the tipple. The ice pop is like a frozen bourbon whiskey sour, but with pineapple instead of lemon. Brown sugar adds lip-smacking caramel notes that work with the tart fruit and kick of booze.

Image and recipe via @rachelledempsey

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Blueberry and Lavender Cream Cheese Popsicles

Back in the day, you likely thought lavender tasted like grandma's soap. Now, your developed palate might appreciate the floral aroma it lends, especially to fruit. If so, this blueberry and lavender popsicle recipe is the thing to make; the balance is just right. The wafers provide a nice bit of crunch and cream cheese lends some delicate tanginess. Think of the cookies as the cone and you have a popsicle and ice cream in one.

Image and recipe via @krolls_korner

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Coffee Popsicles

Love iced coffee? Then these coffee popsicles are a no brainer. Latte fans can play with the recipe by mixing instant coffee with different milk ratios to come up with a frozen version of their favorite caffeinated beverage.

Image and recipe via @veggiewok

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