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21 Glitter Hairstyles That Will Make You Feel More Magical Than a Unicorn

These gorgeous glitter hair looks are guaranteed to make you shine bright like a diamond
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While there's no magical way to get your hair to grow faster or suddenly become healthier, there is an oh-so-easy way to get your hair to look mythical AF -- and all it takes is the addition of a little glitter. No spells or potions required. All you have to do is smooth a bit of hair gel into the area to be bedazzled, sprinkle on some sparkles and boom -- you've got glitter hair.

And aside from making you look like a foxy fairy, glitter hair is actually pretty practical. Glitter roots offer a whimsical -- and affordable! -- way to cover up color that's grown out and a touch of glitter will make anyone's hair instantly shinier (duh).

Whether you want a subtle sliver of silver along your hair part or to completely cover your hair with flashy flecks, we've assembled stunning glitter hair looks sure to make you shine bright.

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Glitter Hair: Take a Dip
Dip dye your ends for a look that'll guarantee even dull spilt ends shine (told you glitter hair was magical).

Image via @majormoonn

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Glitter Hair: Blingy Babe
Baby hairs become a bold beauty statement when you bedazzle 'em like Brit babe Rita Ora.

Image via @chrisappleton1

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Glitter Hair: Bedazzled Braid
Rumplestiltskin ain't got nothing on you; spin some sparkle into your hair by weaving a little glitter into an accent braid.

Image via @majormoonn

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Glitter Hair: Temple Twinkle
You can put down that razor, because you don't need to shave your head to get the look and feel of an edgy undercut. Simply seal your hair with some sparkle and boom -- glitter goes grunge.

Image via @thefoxandthehair

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