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11 Fitness Gadgets and Accessories That'll Get You Amped to Sweat

Your workouts are about to get lit
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Whether you made fitness a new year's resolution or simply want to up your game, getting into your groove and finding that momentum is key. A concise, specific, simple strategy is step number one. From there, you can work on conjuring that excitement to sweat it out. And while we're not saying you have to buy all the latest and greatest gadgets to find said excitement, looking forward to using or wearing a particular product can definitely help. That said, consider treating yourself to one or two of the 11 items in this roundup.

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Having the right sports bra will make or break your motivation. If you're not comfortable and contained, why bother? Knix, which was a real pioneer in the period panty space, has expanded into activewear. Their new Catalyst Front Zip Sports Bra features supportive molded cups (no underwire), an easy front-zipper (no more weird contortions required) and adjustable bands and straps for improved fit and max support. It's a true high-impact sports bra that accommodates sizes 32A to 42G.

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Adding a little extra resistance to your routine regimen can make all the difference in your results. These resistance loop bands, which come in three different levels of resistance, can be worn during moving squats, leg lifts, lateral side steps, glute bridges, hip abductions, and more. They're nice and thick and have an anti-slip material on the inside, too. They come in a pastel trio, or a neutral trio.

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Everlast Flex Slam Ball, $27.84 and up

Could a slam ball be a more appropriate way to expel any and all frustrations you might be feeling during this weird time? We argue no. It's also one of the most versatile pieces of equipment you can keep in your exercise arsenal. Slam balls can be thrown on the ground and picked up, chucked against a wall and caught, held during wall squats, and carried across the room. Just a few ideas.

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Impala Roller Skates, $95 and up

Yep, a full-body workout can be had simply by throwing on some old-school style roller skates and moving through the neighborhood. And with spring around the corner and many gyms still in shutdown, heading into the outdoors to get your sweat on sounds like a game plan to us. Impala Roller Skates sells several different styles, and they do a pretty good job of keeping them in stock and notifying you when items are re-stocked. (Don't forget your helmet and knee pads.)

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