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8 Reasons Etsy Should Be Your New Destination for Natural Beauty Products

Etsy is an untapped source for high quality natural beauty products. Here are our top eight picks from the online marketplace.
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Etsy is both a dream and a nightmare for avid online shoppers. It's a nightmare because there's so much stuff available to buy. It's a dream because among that avalanche of stuff there are some absolute gems. Our latest realization about the handmade marketplace? It's a treasure trove of incredible, hip, modern, natural beauty products.

Going natural isn't just for crunchy, hippie types (though if that's your bag, more power to you). Excellent product design and product effectiveness are not mutually exclusive with these natural products. You can take care of your entire face from washing to contouring with these natural finds all from Etsy. Peep our top natural beauty picks above.

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A product that will clean your face, work as a mask and make cleansing while traveling a total breeze? That's a must-have.

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If you're more of a bar soap gal, this is the one to grab. This soft millennial pink bar can't be beat.

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Toner is an essential part of every skin care routine. This strawberry- and chamomile-infused toner will exfoliate your face and smells insanely good.

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Natural perfume isn't a revelation, but how awesome will it be to smell different from all your fashion-forward, fragrance-loving friends? The rollerball makes on-the-go application a cinch.

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