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8 Natural Makeup Buys That You — and the Planet — Will Love

Eco-friendly makeup is better than ever
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So you recycle, refill your water bottle on the regular and you're considerate of waste. Your kitchen is environmentally friendly — but what about your makeup bag? Depending on the ingredients in both the formula and the packaging, your makeup could be causing harm to the planet and its resources. Though the natural additives in certain products might not provide the same coverage or wear the same way, the world of eco-friendly makeup continues to grow and evolve. From mineral foundation refills to sustainable lipsticks that utilize raw properties from the ground, consider adding these finds to your routine. Sans chemicals, your pores — and the planet — will thank you this Earth Day.

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What It Does for You: Ever wish you could find a foundation that slathers on smoothly and lightly, giving your natural skin a slight upgrade, instead of an overhaul? Enter this base mineral foundation that is a triple-whammy, providing the benefits of foundation, concealer sunscreen and moisture. In addition to the water-resistant SPF 20, it's also ripe with antioxidants like pine bark and pomegranate extract.

What It Does for the Planet: While the ingredients in most Jane Iredale products are Earth-approved, it's the long-term benefits that make a difference for this product. How so? The more you use it, the more you do for the planet: once you buy one of the compacts, you can buy refills when you run out. This saves on the vast amount of ocean plastic waste that riddles shores globally — and, of course, puts money back in your pocket.

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What It Does for You: There's nothing like a swipe of a peachy blush to give your face the color and dimension you crave for Instagram story selfies. But considering you're applying directly to your cheeks — where oil tends to collect — clogging up your pores with a heavy formula could incite breakouts. This pretty find is free of toxins and harsh chemicals and is made in a super-unique way: baked in Tuscany on terracotta tile, ensuring each blush is 100-percent free of chemical agents. (And, hey, considering they're from Italy, they might give you that post-glass-of-wine glow!)

What It Does for the Planet: All products in Inika's roster follow high sustainability standards in the beauty industry, since they're manufactured using only natural and organic raw materials. What's impressive is 95 percent of the vegetable raw materials used in its certified natural cosmetics come from organic farms — meaning you don't have to worry about pesticides lurking in your compact. Even the packaging is meant to consume less paper waste and all of the bottles and jars are recycled.

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EOS Marine Collection 2 Pack, $8.78
What It Does for You: No matter if you're battling hot, humid temperatures in Miami or testing your chops on the slopes in Colorado, it's important to give a little extra TLC to your lips. That being said, not all balms are made with healthy ingredients and can actually cause breakouts around your mouth if you have sensitive skin. This beloved brand features 100-percent natural, certified organic ingredients. With marine botanicals, the soft application is a nice bonus, too.

What It Does for the Planet: At the core of this brand is a dedication to only using natural ingredients in an effort to preserve the earth's wonders. For this specific two-pack, the brand partnered with an ocean-health nonprofit, Sustainable Surf. Every purchase supports the charity's "Waste to Waves" program, which helps turn waste into a resource by using the cash to clean out plastic in our seas and landfills.

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Dr. Hauschka Lipstick, $25
What It Does for You: Did your mother teach you that you're never put together until you've put on your lipstick? Pack along this beauty — available in countless pigments — to help you feel instantly glam on the go, all while benefiting the environment. As a bonus, this brand is backed by a dermatologist, meaning it will also lock in moisture with every application.

What It Does for the Planet: Every lipstick from Dr. Hauschka's line is formulated with natural ingredients and planet oils that derive from plants cultivated and harvested in sustainable gardens around the world. This means instead of merely stopping to smell the roses — you can help them flourish, too.

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