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12 Gorgeous Bobby Pin Hairstyles You Can Create in Minutes

Get these gorgeous, easy hairstyles courtesy of the most underrated tool in your hair kit
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Bobby pin hairstyles are the best thing to happen to lazy girls since dry shampoo. The humble hair accessory can instantly transform a dull 'do, and most of the time it costs less than a latte (unless you like pins fancy, girl).

Given the countless hair accessories these little gems compete with, the bobby pin is one of the most versatile (and underrated) hair tools in your hair kit. It doesn't matter if you're rocking short hair, long hair or a medium cut -- bobby pins create gorgeous, easy hairstyles for all hair lengths in an instant. Check out these new chic, classy and modern bobby pin hairstyles that will make you stand out with the least effort possible.

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Color Me Pretty
Grab a handful of Karina Gradient Bobby Pins, $5.00, slide them in a row and -- bam -- call it a hairstyle. We love the laidback approach of this bobby pin hairstyle --it's like the classy cousin of the messy topknot.

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Bobby Pin Hairstyles: Criss Cross
We're still in love with Emma Stone's bobby pin hairstyle she flaunted back in 2012 for "The Amazing Spider-Man" premiere. The perfectly jumbled look is reminiscent of a spider web -- without being too on the nose. It also adds a bit of modernity to Stone's vintage waves.

Cue the frantic search for white bobby pins. We like Sta-Rite White Bobby Pins, $1.79.

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Bobby Pin Hairstyles: Double the Statement
Growing out pesky bangs? Hide them in style. Just a couple of statement bobby pins can make any hairstyle instantly more charming.

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Bobby Pin Hairstyles: Stand Out Style
Forget everything you were ever told about matching bobby pins to your hair color. Contrasting colors stand out and make for an effortless hairstyle on lazy days. Try these Karina Bobby Pins Heavy Metal Gold & Silver Flat, $3.50, in gold or silver.

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