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10 DIY Foot Soaks, Masks and Treatments for Tired Tootsies

Your feet deserve some TLC too
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Our poor feet: So hard-working, yet so oft overlooked. You're great about doing regular face masks and peels — so don't your feet deserve the same treatment? With that in mind, we've rounded up some of our favorite DIY foot soaks and masks; from callous-busting Listerine soaks to decadent milk and honey baths. So, whether you're looking to prep for sandal season or just want to have a spa night in, keep reading and get ready to meet the DIY foot treatment of your dreams.

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Foot Soak + Scrub

This two-step treatment from Hello Glow will whip those babies into shape in no time. The soak uses vinegar and Epsom salts to soften up the rough patches. Then, you follow-up with a scrub, made with banana, salt, coffee — and voila! You're ready for barefoot yoga class.

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Cracked Heel Therapy

Need to fix up your cracked heels, stat? One Good Thing's got you covered with a super easy foot soak, made with vinegar and mouthwash (no joke!). After quick 15 minute soak, break out the pumice stone — and kick those cracked heels to the curb.

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DIY Foot Peel

So, you know those popular foot peels that are equal parts disgusting and fascinating? Bellatory has a DIY version of that peel you can try at home, made with easy ingredients you probably have on hand, like aspirin and baking soda.

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Flip Flop Foot Balm

This foot ointment recipe from Heartful Habits uses coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax and essential oils to create the perfect foot softener. The decadent balm would be great to slather on just before bed with some thick socks to wake up to silky smooth skin in the morning.

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