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Want to Upgrade Your Oral Routine? Meet Your New Dental Care Heroes

Elevate your oral hygiene routine with dental care products that make all the difference
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Given the plethora of dental care products available to us these days, the task of trying to make an informed choice on the right, let's say — teeth whitener — becomes somewhat of a project. And the task of re-imagining the existing oral hygiene routine in its entirety? In your dreams, right? Not quite! We've done it for you, actually. This list of dental care products should cut your browsing time at least in half; at the very least, you'll be inspired to switch something up, and maybe even finally beat that bad breath issue that seems to not want to go away.

Try starting from the basics: switching the type (not just the brand, but type and kind) of toothpaste and/or trying a different kind of toothbrush. Then, maybe, try replacing your go-to mouthwash with something entirely different; introducing something in, kicking something out. We've made sure to include products that are not only effective, but that would actually be fun to use, even if only for the novelty of change in something you do multiple times a day, every single day. From long-term commitments to last-minute saviors, there's a product here to make everyone's smile a little happier.

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With nano-hydroxyapatite to repair sensitive teeth and remineralize enamel, this toothpaste also provides changes you can see (and smell): whitening, anti-plaque, and fresh breath benefits. It's made with clean ingredients and comes in a recyclable, metal tube with a handy key to squeeze out every last bit.

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Made with all-natural ingredients such as essential oils, organic herbs, and minerals, these drops work to nourish and support healthy gums and teeth. They have powerful antibacterial properties that can help fight against plaque and gingivitis, and their natural minty flavor helps freshen breath without any chemicals or artificial flavors. They make a natural and effective alternative to conventional mouthwash, providing a gentle and nourishing way to care for teeth and gums.

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This set includes a smart brush, a teeth whitening device, and a teeth cleaning gel. The smart brush features sonic vibration technology to remove plaque and surface stains, while the whitening device uses blue light therapy to brighten teeth. The cleaning gel is formulated with hydrogen peroxide to help whiten teeth and freshen breath.

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Moon The Electric Toothbrush in Black, $69.99
Featuring sonic vibration technology and a sleek design, this rechargeable toothbrush is both effective and stylish. It comes with multiple brush heads to suit varying needs, and has customizable settings for optimal brushing.

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