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33 Animal Tattoos That Will Make You Want to Get Inked ASAP

Do your spirit animal proud with these delicate designs
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Where You Going?
Got the travel bug? Represent it with this whimsical tattoos of a panda chasing after a paper airplane. Does it get any more adorable?

Image via @jingstattoo

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Fish Tattoo Symbolism:
Fish have a deep connection with the water they live in. It gives them life -- which symbolizes fertility, wisdom and the power to bring about change. If you are feeling stagnant in a situation, consider a fish tattoo as a symbol of breaking free from your dormancy.

Image via Getty

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Free-Form Fish
This fish-y outline tattoo is playful, yet understated.

Image via @st_jane_tattoo

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On the Move
This delicate hand tattoo depicts a colorful school of fish swimming to bigger and better destinations.

Image via @tiny.tatts

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Together Forever
In Japanese culture, koi fish are seen as good luck, and two of them represent harmony -- like yin and yang. This koi fish tattoo could be your ticket to a perfectly balanced life.

Image via @suttnerova

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