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7 Activewear Brands So Cute They'll Tempt You to Hit the Gym

Any excuse to make positive moves, right?
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For me personally, I've never been one to hit the gym. I've always had the membership and maybe I'd stop in once or twice a month (if I was lucky) — but it never seemed all that appealing to me. In the middle of this past winter, though, I took a look in the mirror one day and realized it was time to change that.

I tried to rack my brain searching deep for different ways to get myself to actually step foot into my local gym. First, I tried finding a workout buddy, but that only lasted so long. Then, one day it hit me: gym fashion. My life essentially revolves around fashion and beauty, so I thought that maybe if I went out and spent some of my hard-earned money on new workout gear, well, I'd need somewhere to wear it, right?

In my search, I decided that I wasn't going to opt for the typical tight black leggings and a boring black sports bra: I wanted to spice things up so that I was actually excited to go to the gym (well, I guess I mean I'd be excited to wear my workout clothes... which just happens to be in direct correlation to actually working out). I scoured Instagram and the web to find some of the coolest new workout brands that I wanted to spend my entire paycheck on — and I essentially did just that.

In my time searching, I discovered so many under-the-radar activewear brands. So, to save you the time (and money, buying crappy quality items), I've rounded some of my favorites up for you in the gallery ahead — you and your newly-lifted booty can thank me later.

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Free People Movement

In classic Free People fashion, the quality of this workout wear is real good, you guys. One of the best things about it? You don't have to worry about butt sweat showing through. In all seriousness, though, the variety is incredible with this line. You'll be able to find a different set to wear every day of the week (and more!).

We love the... High-Rise Biker Baby Short, $68

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Spiritual Gangster

We love a brand that makes you look good and feel good, and that's exactly what Spiritual Gangster is on a mission to do: The brand works with many different charities, including The Trevor Project — so you can give back to the community, while looking fly as hell in its yoga wear.

We love the... Good Vibes Plunge Sports Bra, $68

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XXIV Active

Stay cute and covered in high-quality performance fabrics when you're sporting XXIV Active. This brand incredibly keen on making sure their products come in a variety of colors that complement every skin tone. Another bonus? The meticulous attention to detail when its products are in production.

We love the... Accent Bra, $49

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If there's ever been a brand that you'll fully be able to wear from the gym straight to your day-to-day activities, it's Koral. Its quirky patterns and comfortable styles can easily be transformed with just a couple quick adjustments if you're in a pinch. You'll also notice its pieces are made with an alluring opaque shiny material — that's is the brand's stretch fiber technology; designed to flatter and support muscles, without making you uncomfortable.

We love the... Lustrous High Rise Legging, $96

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