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6 Cute Workout Leggings That Pass the 'Not See-Through' Test

Yes, we did the underwear check for each pair
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After recently dragging my friend to a boxing class — where we both had a ton of fun, btw — she came up to me and discreetly said, "Girl code: I can totally see through your leggings." I didn't think it was that bad, but the "bend over" test in the mirror revealed that, well, all was revealed. Turns out, over half of my favorites were basically transparent when I was doing the very things I was supposed to be doing in them.

Embarrassing, sure. But this was also an excuse to seek out high-quality replacements. I put each of the workout leggings in this roundup to the test. The seams have been inspected, they've passed the flexibility test, they aren't see-through, and I've even sweated it out in them. May you purchase with confidence and then kick butt at the gym.

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Fabletics' promotional "two for $24" offer for those who sign up with their subscription service is super enticing. Once you sign up, you're charged a monthly fee, which you can use toward the purchase of a new article of clothing from the brand. (Skipping a month is also pretty easy if you don't need to buy at this frequency). The brand offers a pretty comprehensive selection of styles, and despite the subscription gimmick, it seriously lives up to the hype. The leggings are super cute, super comfortable, non see-through, and provide max flexibility for high-cardio and intensity workouts.

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Girlfriend Collective
Give it up for Girlfriend Collective, one of the most inclusive indie athleisure brands in the market. Not only does it offer sizes XXS through 6X, but shopping on the website will make you feel all the good feels. The Compressive High-Rise Legging, which comes in 13 different colors, is a great option for everyone and every sport thanks to compressive fabric, four-way stretch and max comfort. The fact that they're made from recycled water bottles is a big bonus, too.

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This indie brand puts out some top-notch options that feel different from what you'd find elsewhere. Its apparel utilizes an "advanced weaving technique" that allows for max stretchability while also contouring to your muscles and compressing against them. This compressing action is intended to maximize your workout by making your muscles work harder (it also makes your butt look great). Try the Olympian Hi-Waist leggings, which are super soft, stretchy and slimming thanks to that high waist.

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Fierce and Regal
We're nominating Fierce and Regal for our splurge-y pick in this roundup. The price tags are a little lofty, but you'll feel great parading around the gym in these bad boys. For example, The Shiny Legging — which comes in black, orchid, taupe and ocean — reflects light in all the right places for a sleek, chic effect. And the Zippered Legging, which comes in six different hues, offers both function and cute aesthetic via angled gold zippers on one leg.

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