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10 Coconut-Infused Beauty Products That Are Like Summer in a Bottle

Hydrating, loaded with antioxidants and very on-theme, these coconutty skin care and makeup products will make you feel cheery and ready for summer.
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No matter what time of year it is, coconut — in all its forms — is everywhere. Loaded with antioxidants, the nourishing wunderfruit has made its way into all manner of foods (though perhaps less as of late), wellness rituals (Gwyneth Paltrow famously swishes its extracted oil around her mouth for whiter, brighter teeth) and beauty products, from bath soaks to blushes.

But something about the sun and humidity of summer makes us crave all things coconut even more. The frozen beverages that first brought the tropical fruit to fame, yes, but also coconutty moisturizers, masks and makeup. Maybe it's an olfactory thing — when it's hot and the smell of coconut is wafting off our skin and hair, it's easy to shut our eyes and imagine we're on a tropical beach.

In any case, why not indulge? (It's a fact that coconut oil makes your hair and skin look great and that coconut water and butter hydrate.) We've compiled a list of 10 coconut-infused products that make us feel cheery and ready for summer, from a dual hair-face sunscreen that takes the guilt out of laying out by the pool to a fun, peachy highlighter that looks especially great with a tan.

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Back in April, Marc Jacobs Beauty launched a series of products based on that beauty and health MacGyver, the coconut. (More specifically, coconut water. Jacobs adores it.) This particular jelly-like highlighter features five(!) forms of coconut and provitamin B5 to help hydrate and nourish skin. As one would expect, it's super creamy. And while the color payoff is slightly insane, the shimmery golden-peach sheen makes for the perfect summer evening glam. Use it sparingly, but, like, every night.

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In addition to smelling fantastic — Shawn Mendes once tweeted that it was the "best smelling cream in the world" — this all-over body lotion acts as a nice moisture barrier (care of the coconut oil and cupuaçu butter within) and gives your skin a nice, subtle glow (via glittery mica). The formula also contains a touch of guaraná, i.e. caffeine, which ostensibly helps tighten your skin.

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Kopari Save Face Oil, $44
Regardless of your skin type, this moisturizer is a really ideal summer purchase. It's super lightweight, but packed with coconut oil and shea tris, which promote hydration and help with skin restoration. Also, it absorbs super quickly and leaves behind no sticky residue, meaning it works extremely well under foundation and is just generally pleasant to wear.

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New York City-based Korean makeup artist Seong Hee Park swears by these coconut water and ceramides-soaked masks. (The former hydrates and brightens skin, the latter creates a healthy moisture barrier.) For those whose skin has been sensitized and dried-out by heat, AC or air travel — you know, the typical summer woes — these are excellent re-texturizers.

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