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5 Expert-Approved Protective Styles That Look AMAZING

Thinking about giving your natural hair a bit of a twist? Try these suggestions
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Protective styles are amazing for natural hair: They can help rehydrate and moisturize the hair and also give it a break (seriously, the effort and maintenance it takes to do certain styles when you have natural hair is a whole nother story).

In case you aren't familiar with protective styles, they generally include things like wigs, buns, two-strand twists, and braids (with or without extensions) — so in addition to being good for you, they also look pretty good on you. With that in mind, we asked a few experts and scrolled through some Instagram feeds to give you a few ideas for protective styles that aren't that difficult to pull off — and trust us, your hairstylist will definitely approve.

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Melissa Roche of Nappstar Salon in New York recommends locs as the perfect protective style: "They are a great way to grow your hair with minimal tension and maximum versatility in styling. Locs are also great protective style because you have no added hair so there is no extra weight or stress on your scalp."

Roche continues: "They also allow you to access your scalp and hair shaft so that you can regularity hydrate and moisturize your hair and scalp to keep your hair healthy. Many naturalists are hesitant to try locs because they are permanent. They are permanent but at the same time they are adaptable for work life, work out life, home life and every other part of your lifestyle. Locs are the ultimate protective style!"

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This festival 'do

Deanna Brown is a DevaCurl certified hairstylist and can do some amazing things with curls. One of our favorite looks is this festival-appropriate style she did with braids and beads. It's perfect for keeping your hair protected, but it also looks cool at the same time.

Image via @deanna_devacurl

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Passion twist

Myisha Everrett of HairStyleByMy Salon in Upper Marlboro, Maryland swears by the Passion Twist and says it's great vacation hair that can last up to six weeks and is tension-free. "It's very lightweight and flexible and one of our summer time favorites," she explains.

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Twisted side up do

Monica from MoKnowsHair is a licensed cosmetologist and influencer and thinks protective styles are great. "Styles where your ends are tucked away and 'protected' not only give you a break from daily styling (which lowers manipulation), but they also provide versatility to help you fall in love with your hair all over again," she says.

To learn how to do this style, go to the tutorial here.

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