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Better Than Botox: 20 Hairstyles That Will Knock Off 10 Years

You don't need pricey serums or creams to look younger. All it takes is a trip to the salon
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Reese Witherspoon, 40
Her lob works well for any age, but it's the bangs that give her a youthful appearance. As Chris Petroff, Color Director at Twist by Oliver salon in Beverly Hills, Calif., says, "The only thing cheaper and easier than Botox is fringe."

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Lucy Liu, 47
Oil production decreases as you age, which means that your hair becomes drier and duller -- a dead age-giveaway, especially on longer hair. If you don't want to part with your long hair, prevent it from aging you by keeping it healthy and shiny like Lucy Liu. Plus Petroff says that straight hair with a little bit of body is always modern and sleek.

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Oprah, 62
Oprah's curly, mid-length 'do works because the subtle layering of her hair gives her curls a shape that rounds out her face, resulting in a more youthful appearance.

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Connie Britton, 49
Connie Britton's hair is so fabulous, it even has its own Twitter account. Luckily, she was nice enough to share her hair secrets, but remember: Long hair can be especially aging if you don't take care of it. You don't want to choose a style that's going to take more work than you'll put into it, because you're just sabotaging yourself, says Petroff. Keep it in tip-top condition or opt for a lower-maintenance style.

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 Sarah Jessica Parker, 51
Face-framing highlights and a subtle ombre add warmth to Sarah Jessica Parker's face. Just be sure not to over-do it on the color, warns Petroff, as too much over processing looks like overcompensating.

The right hairstyle can boost your self-confidence, give you healthier hair and even make you look younger (yes, it's true!). Wondering how to look younger? Making tiny tweaks to your hairstyle can shave off years. By camouflaging wrinkles, drawing attention away from fine lines and wrinkles and adding depth and warmth to your face, your haircut, hair color and hairstyle can work better than the anti-aging serums you're slathering all over your face.

Just as a fabulous haircut can chase away Father Time, a bad hairstyle can make you look older than you are. To help you get look-younger hair, we called upon the expertise of Chris Petroff, Color Director at Twist by Oliver salon in Beverly Hills, Calif.
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