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9 Charcoal-Infused Hair Products to Give Your Strands a Deep Clean

It turns out charcoal is also a miracle ingredient for your hair
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Black is the new black—at least when it comes to hair care. Charcoal became an uber-popular ingredient in skin care products over the last couple of years, so it makes sense that your favorite hair brands would start adding this detoxifying ingredient to shampoos, conditioners and more. "Charcoal hair products are really good for detoxifying and removing buildup," says celebrity hairstylist Felix Fischer. "They also work as an anti-inflammatory and are great for getting rid of dandruff."

Read on for some of the best charcoal hair products to try now.

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This sulfate-free clarifying shampoo with activated charcoal cuts through scalp buildup sans stripping moisture—or color—from your hair. In fact, it's also formulated with vegetable protein to strengthen damaged hair.

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Shampoo and conditioner sets are better when they're paired together, so use this one with the aforementioned shampoo. This charcoal conditioner detoxes hair of buildup (we know you love that dry shampoo) while also hydrating hair with macadamia nut oil.

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What do you get when you combine charcoal and coconut oil? This scrub that draws out impurities in your scalp while nourishing dry hair (basically a dream come true for those with oily scalps and dry ends). It also features tea tree oil, an antibacterial ingredient that fights flakes.

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Dry shampoos are known for their ability to sop up grease, so it's a no-brainer that charcoal would be added to their formulas. Not only does charcoal absorb oil, it also nixes odor (a must post-gym). This particular dry shampoo is pretty heavy duty—it's best left for days when you need a serious cleanse but can't shower.

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