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10 Makeup Artist-Approved Beauty Products Under $6

Even pros love a good bargain
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There's no denying that great beauty buys can help prep your skin and keep your makeup on point. However, it's fair to say that some of our favorite serums and makeup removing wipes can cost a pretty penny, which can be problematic when you are on a tight budget. Before you start your own beauty savings fund, you'll be glad to know that great beauty buys do exist — and some of them cost as little as $2.

To bring all those ridiculously inexpensive beauty buys to your radar, we asked makeup artists to share the budget products they always have in their kit. Read on for 10 products they recommend adding to your arsenal stat.

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Use Vaseline as a Gloss or Highlighter
"Vaseline can be used not only as a lip gloss but also as a cheek highlighter when applied right on the cheekbone," says professional makeup artist Chris Lanston. "You can also make a DIY gloss eyeshadow when you mix your favorite shade with a pinch of Vaseline."

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Use Visine to Reduce Redness
"Visine Drops can be used to reduce redness from a pimple," Lanston says. "It won't remove the blemish altogether, but it will make it less red."

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Invest in a Good Blending Sponge
"I'm obsessed with the Real Techniques Expert Blending Sponge," says celebrity makeup artist Marty Irwin. Irwin uses the rounded edge for blending foundation out and the flat edge around the eyes.

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Don't Shy Away From Drugstore Makeup Products
"My kit is a mix of high-end products and super affordable ones that I know function well," says NYC-based makeup artist Dana Arcidy. One of her favorites is the NYX Extra Creamy Round Lipstick, $2, which she says feels comfortable on the lips with great color payoff.

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