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Brow Pens Are the Wave of the Future

No, they won't give you "Sharpie brows"
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How do you do your brows? Are you a brush and go kind of person? Do you sketch on a little pencil as you're running out the door? Do you combine layers of pomade and powder, then comb it all through with a spoolie? Do you gamely apply those brow stains that are supposed to wear for two-plus days?

There are so many brow options out there and I think I can safely say I've tried them all. Lately, though, I've found myself gravitating toward brow pens. And that's thanks to makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes, who can often be spotted using brow pens to create her perfectly feathery-yet-defined brows on her hypnotic Instagram story tutorials. Trust me, a quick scroll through her gallery of makeup looks (each featuring perfectly groomed eyebrows) will have you searching for brow pen options too.

Now, if you're worried about "Sharpie brows" or overdrawn "Instagram brows," I'm here to assure you, there's nothing to fear. Brow pens can actually deliver a look that's far more natural with a sheer finish that creates more of a delicate stain than the harsh lines you might expect. Interested in giving them a try? Keep on reading for some of our favorite brow pen options.

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Did you know that your favorite fake lashes brand has branched out into makeup? Ardell's brow pen is a well-documented favorite of the aforementioned Hughes and for good reason: It's super easy to work with, it wears forever and, best of all, it's quite budget-friendly too.

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"Brow Blade" really is an apt name here. The brush tip on the stain side of this dual-ended brow enhancer is so, so, so fine — finer even than your average liquid liner. As such, it's perfect for lightly feathering on brow hairs... and since it also comes with a pencil, you've got everything you need to create the bold brows you've always dreamed of rocking.

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In addition to just about the cutest packaging ever, this brow pen has staying power for days. The flexible brush tip makes it easy to control and though it can definitely be built up to a more intense look, you can also apply it in a sheerer layer with more of a watercolor finish. In other words? It's perfect for achieving that microbladed look (minus the long-term commitment and hefty price tag).

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This luxurious Japanese cult favorite has enjoyed years of popularity overseas (as well as in certain corners of Reddit). And for good reason: It's perfect for drawing natural, hair-like strokes and the shade range is particularly natural — in other words, you won't get that fake red tint that's distressingly common amongst brow products.

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