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The Best Bond-Building Hair Care Products

We're letting you in on a little hair care secret.
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Bleach, dye, heat styling and the environment can all do a number on your strands. We're talking parched tresses, dullness, breakage and none of that healthy bounce you see in all those hair commercials. There's a little secret that'll help counteract all that damage. Bond-building hair care products.

"Hair bonding is a technology that can help restore strength, softness, smoothness and bounce to hair," says Dani Everson, Denver-based hairstylist and owner of Clementine's Salon. "These products, which typically take the form of masks, shampoos and conditioners, work to strengthen hair with ingredients that naturally occur in hair strands, just on a much deeper level."

Just one word of caution, though. You can "over proteinize" your strands by using bonding products too frequently. This can cause the opposite intended effect making hair weaker and lackluster. So always use as recommended!

Keep reading for the best bond-building products on the market.

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This bond-building and color-locking treatment nourishes hair, enhances natural shine and protects against environmental damage via plant-based proteins and vitamins. Not only does it help strengthen your strands, it also improves sheen. Plus, there's that expensive salon smell.

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Olaplex doesn't launch products that often, which is why its No.9, as in the ninth product it created, is such a big deal. Rich in antioxidants to protect hair from environmental damage and free radicals, this serum is weightless and made with clean ingredients to promote shiny, frizz-free hair that feels nourished, healthy and strong.

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Hair genius Andrew Fitzsimons, who's styled Khloe Kardashian and Megan Fox, has his own hair care line. This leave-in conditioner utilizes protein-based bonding technology accompanied by shine-boosting passion fruit and castor oil. It's a lightweight product that strengthens hair to promote shine and improve elasticity.

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This one's hot off the product line. Living Proof calls the newest addition to its lineup the most scientifically advanced formula it's ever created and we're stoked. The weekly treatment repairs all three types of bonds in hair. The result is an immediate difference in hair luster and health plus protection from future damage.

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