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These New Hair Care Products Are Made to Protect Your Mane

Here's how to safeguard your strands this summer.
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Tending to your hair is a year-round job, but things can start to get a little iffy come summer. Not only is your hair exposed to way more sunshine given the longer hours and more time spent enjoying good weather. There are also variables like chlorine and salt water to contend with.

You don't have to change your entire regimen, however. Just incorporating some key products can make the difference between a gorgeous mane and lackluster tresses. Lucky for you, we've rounded up some fresh-to-market finds that'll help you have enviable hair all season long.

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Nourish your hair and scalp with this hydrating serum. It's formulated with red clover flower extract to protect, hyaluronic acid to plump and hydrate plus peptides to foster fuller hair and a balanced scalp.

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If you're already dealing with a bit of damage, welcome to the club. Help restore your hair back to its glory days with this deeply hydrating overnight treatment. It's made with hyaluronic acid to plump and hydrate, polyglutamic acid to promote moisture retention, hair-loving bio-fermented coconut water and sea buckthorn to promote strong, healthy strands.

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It's fun to take your strands lighter in summer, but that fun little makeover can potentially damage your locks. Keep this pre-treatment on hand all season long to keep your blonde brighter between appointments while nourishing your strands from root to tip.

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Summer heat and frizzy hair may seem like an inseparable duo, but the right hair care products can bust the flyaways in no time. Cue Virtue's new smoothing spray, which is basically kryptonite for humidity.

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