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The Best Hydrating Body Washes for Dry Skin

These ultra creamy, moisturizing body washes won't leave skin tight or dry (but will make you smell amazing)
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If you have dry skin, lathering up in a hot shower is like trying to pop a deep pimple -- it feels good at first, but does more damage in the long haul. Scalding hot showers -- especially coupled with the wrong body wash -- strip the skin of naturally occurring oils and dry out your skin even more. When every shower leaves your skin feeling itchy or uncomfortable, it's time to turn down the temperature and invest in a body wash for dry skin.

The best body washes for dry skin are moisturizing without being greasy, and they're as gentle as they are effective. These ultra-gentle superstars will help protect your sensitive skin's natural barrier against whatever you're putting it up against -- blizzards, dry heat, hot showers or all of the above.

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The Dry Skin Body Wash That Will Last All Season
Dove Deep Moisture Nourishing Body Wash with NutriumMoisture, $5.47

This creamy body wash feels almost lotion-like in texture, and glides onto parched skin in the most soothing way. A mere dollop will provide loads of lather, so one bottle should last the entire dry-skin season. The rich, sudsy formula somehow manages to leave dry skin softer without feeling remotely oily. How does it manage this? Dove has paired supremely gentle cleansers, like glycinate, with superstar moisturizers like glycerin, soybean oil and sunflower seed oil .

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The Moisturizing Body Wash for the Gym Devotee
Lavanila Sport Luxe Healthy Body Wash 3-in-1 , $16

Kudos to you if you manage to drag yourself to the gym on a daily basis. Working up a sweat can actually be good for your skin because it helps flush out toxic elements, but the hot shower you take after your sweat session is definitely not good, especially if you have dry skin. This sport body wash for dry skin will nix the sweat without stripping your skin, conditioning it with skin-softening ingredients like aloe, coconut oil and Lavanila's SmartSport technology, a proprietary blend of plant-derived antioxidants and oils. Vanilla, chamomile and lavender extract make your obligatory post-workout shower as luxurious and fresh-smelling as possible.

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The Soothing Body Wash for When You Want to Crawl Out of Your Skin
Eucerin Skin Calming Dry Skin Body Wash , $8.59

This body wash for dry skin may look no-frills at first glance, but it's a Holy Grail product for sufferers of eczema and chronic dry skin. The oily, liquid formula turns into a light milky texture upon contact with water, and thoroughly cleanses as it immediately softens skin. Although it looks and behaves like an oil, this sensitive skin body wash does have effective cleansing agents, meaning your skin (and tub) won't feel like an oil slick after use. The no-scent, no-soap, no-dye formula equals no problem for irritated, sensitive skin.

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The Dry Skin Body Wash That Will Make You Dream of Spring
Kneipp Orange Blossom and Jojoba Shower Foam , $16

Holy field of orange blossoms, Batman. This gel-to-foam body wash is the closest you can get to meandering through an in-bloom citrus grove in the dead of winter. Take it from this Florida-born girl: It smells like the real thing, with just a hint of sweetness. With naturally sourced ingredients like Jojoba seed oil (a dry skin savior), it's no wonder that this is as moisturizing as it is aromatic. Since the gel balloons into quite a bit of foam upon contact, you can be sure this product will last for a while, too.

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