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18 Best-Smelling Hair Products Ever, Ranked

Our editors took a stroll down memory lane (aka, the hair care aisle) to determine which iconic hair smell we vote No. 1
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Let's be honest — when it comes to hair products, our favorites are always the ones that smell the best. You know, the dry shampoos and hair oils we reach for every single time just to catch another addictive whiff.

There's more to the best-smelling hair products than just that momentary high — we love them for the memories we associate with them, too. Flicking open a bottle of the fruity shampoo you used every day of high school catapults you directly back to Friday nights at the movies and Saturday afternoons at the DQ. Delicious hair smells and nostalgia go together like updos on prom night. (Can you tell we're in the mood for a beauty rewind?)

So, in honor of history's many iconic hair smells, we decided to round up a list of our favorites. From the shampoos we loved as kids to the texture sprays that earn us compliments every time we use them, this is our definitive ranking of hair care's all-time best scents. Did your fave make the cut?

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Best-Smelling Hair Product No. 18: Aussie Mega Hairspray, $3.74
Aussie's Mega Hairspray is still on the market, but we associate it with its heyday in the '80s, when teenage girls everywhere used it to execute their sky-high dos. Its unmistakable grape Kool-Aid scent represents side ponytails and slow dances to "Careless Whisper."

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Best-Smelling Hair Product No. 17: Sachajuan Volume Powder, $35
This volumizing dry shampoo may not have been around since childhood, but its sophisticated, powder-fresh scent earns it a spot on our list. Every time one of our editors comes in wearing this stuff, we're all like, "Stop, what smells so good?" Its scent is a hybrid between fancy hotel bathroom and expensive European spa, and we are all about it.

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Best-Smelling Hair Product No. 16: Kerastase Elixir Ultime L'Huile Originale Hair Oil
Never mind that this oil singlehandedly saved my dry, color-damaged hair; it's the heavenly smell that keeps me coming back. The scent is slightly musky, slightly fruity — hard to put your finger on. But trust me. It's spellbinding.

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Best-Smelling Hair Product No. 15: Rusk Texture Spray, $18
Yes, this texturizing spray is brand new, but its scent is already one of our all-time favorites. It's floral, musky and totally hypnotic. In other words, exactly what texturized sex hair should smell like.

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