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Mind-Blowing New Sex Toys You're Definitely Going to Want to Try

Experts share the newest technology to supercharge your orgasm
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Even if you are mostly satisfied with your sex life, an influx of smart technology in sex toys has made it easier to supercharge your orgasm. From traditional devices that now offer a vast variety of different speeds and settings to travel-friendly sizes that make pleasure-on-the-go less stressful than boarding a flight, it's no longer a faux pas to tinker around in the bedroom. In fact, it's encouraged by experts who desire to inspire a new generation of sex-positive lovers.

"There is something so naughty and tempting about these toys, which makes people even more passionate in the sheets," explains sex expert Collen Singer. "Thanks to millions of open-minded and horny people out there, this particular market is constantly evolving. There are new exciting products in sex shops every year and this year is no different."

Whether you're sharing with a partner or flying solo, here's a look at the best sex toys for 2018, straight from the sex experts.

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Dame Products Fin, $87.99
If you've prescribed to the notion that your fingers are good enough, this small—but mighty—finger vibe might change your mind. As sex expert, author and educator Gigi Engle explains, Fin is becoming a game-changer for couples and for independent play. "You attach the strap to your pointer and middle finger and there you go, your fingers become a vibrator! It isn't clunky and in no way gets in the way of play time," she explains. As a starter vibe for beginners, it doesn't get more practical or accessible than this.

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Lelo Ina Wave, $136.53
Intrigued by introducing a sex toy into your relationship? Consider this all-time favorite toy of sex therapist Courtney Geter, LMFT, CST, who works with couples to help them improve their under-the-sheets (or on the countertops!) love life. She says the structure of this toy gives twosomes (or onesomes) a more enjoyable experience and easier penetration.

"It provides dual stimulation using two finger-like structures with the shorter, thumb-like structure stimulating the clitoris and the larger structure providing internal stimulation with a wave-like motion," she explains. If you're more into variety than the same ol' same ol', Geter notes this device offers more than 10 vibration modes - from steady to pulsating, making it a great toy for women looking to explore their own bodies, too. "The variety of vibration patterns and intensity levels allow you to explore and experience different types of orgasm from a slow build to an intense explosion. You can begin to explore erogenous zones of the external genitalia to see what areas are more arousing and lead to orgasm than others," she says.

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Crave Vesper, $69
If you've been in a relationship for quite some time and you want to surprise your partner with an X-rated gift he won't expect, Dr. Cristina Romero Bosch, co-owner of The Hormone Zone, suggests this buy. At first glance, you might not realize its purpose but upon further investigation, it's more than a chunky necklace: it's a vibrator too. "Its clean, sleek look and petite size allow for two very important qualities: it is delicate enough to allow for a pleasant, powerful but not painful direct clitoral stimulation, and its heat-retaining material allows it to warm up a bit, which is extra pleasant on the lady parts," she explains.

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Zumio Amazing Accelerator, $140
No two female bodies are created the same—from the way our eyes are shaped to what helps us reach our peak pleasure zone—which is why sex educator at Self Serve Toys, Hunter Riley, recommends this creatively designed toy. Because of its shape, it's able to reach all of the nooks and crannies near your G-spot, giving you better access than other toys. If you're a parent (or you have roommates), it's also a considerate choice: "This toy was designed with moms in mind who might want to take care of themselves, quietly and discreetly, in a short period of time," she explains. "This toy is rechargeable, has a warranty and even comes with a travel lock. If you love intense vibration, but also want exact stimulation, this is the toy for you."

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