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14 Best Redness-Reducing Products for Your Face

The difference between a healthy-looking flush and splotchy, red skin could be one of these products
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Millennial pink, pale dogwood, rose quartz -- whatever you want to call it, there's no doubt about it: blush-pink is in. In its rightful place, such as on the apple of your cheeks, a flush of color can work wonders. But when a natural flush covers your face, thanks to redness-prone skin, your complexion can read more ruddy than rosy.

If redness is keeping you from that facialist-on-speed-dial glow, the culprit could be roseacea. According to dermatologist Zein Obagi, MD, rosacea includes five symptoms: inflammation, excess sebum, visible blood vessels, aging skin cells and a slowing of normal cell renewal. Translation: bright red, angry-looking skin that is marked by broken capillaries, rough in texture and, somehow, both flaky and oily.

While the exact cause of rosacea is unknown, Obagi says there are some lifestyle factors that contribute to rosacea and general redness in the face. "Increased sun exposure, hot weather or humidity, increased stress, exercise, alcohol, hot baths or saunas, spicy food and hot beverages" are all triggers for a bout of prolonged facial redness or rosacea, according to Obagi.

But, while we can tell you to avoid stress, alcohol and the rest until we're red in the face, it's just a fact that rosacea and facial redness happens. That's why we rely on these products -- the best skin-care and makeup for rosacea -- to treat and soothe redness over time, and to disguise it completely in the meantime.

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Rosacea is a real problem for about 16 million people in U.S. -- so much so that Clinique has an entire line of products to treat rosacea and redness. If you're facing the kind of ruddiness that can't be hidden by your tinted moisturizer, like broken capillaries, this powder is your ticket to a more even skin tone. Not only does it color correct to hide broken blood vessels and general redness, it also contains calming ingredients like mushroom, caffeine, magnolia bark extract and grapefruit peel to reduce redness over time.

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When I applied this after downing a few margaritas in the sunshine (a certain way to fire up redness-prone skin), my not-so-subtle friend gasped and said, "Oh, my God, your face looks so much better," demanding to know what sorcery had produced my filter-like visage. This Korean CC cream completely covers redness, but feels light enough to wear every day. It starts out as a white cream, but blends in seamlessly for a your-skin-but-better finish. Oh, and it has SPF 34 sunscreen. Mic drop.

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A soothing cream that instantly addresses redness with ingredients like green tea and shea butter, this moisturizer can be used on the angriest of skin -- your inflamed eczema included.

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This serum combines brown and red algae with a chamomile derivative to deliver instant cooling relief to skin inflamed by exertion or harsh temperatures. If you have skin that turns beet-red in summer and winter, layer this thin serum under your makeup or moisturizer in the morning and at night to ease redness.

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