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13 Metallic Highlighters With Diamond-Worthy Wattage

Because sometimes you do want to be seen from space
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Thanks in part to the latest and greatest from Kylie Cosmetics, metallic highlighters are soaring in popularity -- and it's quite the exciting trend. After all, why not pump up your illuminating game to the absolute max? Why not go all out with Tin Man-level cheekbones?

If you're looking to stock up on metallic highlighters, you're in luck. Kylighters aren't the only on-point high-shine illuminators in town -- in fact, it turns out brands across the board are consistently upping the ante with their increasingly shiny wares, with everything from excitingly flattering new palettes to innovatively convenient new formulas.

So, highlighter makeup addicts, read on: We've compiled a list of 13 of the greatest metallic highlighters around, in every shade, texture and price point.

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Kylie Cosmetics' latest hot new product is definitely one to get excited about -- it comes in six different metallic shades, each named after a delicious dessert. So, whether you're all about rose gold ("Strawberry Shortcake"), can't get enough champagne ("French Vanilla") or just love straight-up gold ("Banana Split"), Kylie's got you covered.

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Too Faced Love Light, $30
Too Faced's Instagram-worthy Love Light highlighters could easily give Kylie's Kylighters a run for their money, popularity-wise. Like the Kylighters, they also happen to be a new release, and the hype is real. That said, as with most of the brand's adorable wares, the Love Lights happen to be every bit as functional as they are pretty -- so they're sure to make a great addition to your strobing arsenal.

These metallic highlighters are tiny but mighty: They're easy to fit into your makeup bag, and they glide on (and blend!) like a dream. Plus, they have great staying power and some truly remarkable wattage -- and given the affordable drugstore price point, chances are you'll want to scoop sticks in both of the two gorgeous shades.

If you want to be metallically shiny enough to power your own small solar system, look no further than Cover FX's ridiculously pigment-packed Custom Enhancer Drops. A tiny dab is enough to strobe your whole face to disco ball heights -- and it can also be mixed with your favorite foundation for an all-over, lit-from-within glow.

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