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The 12 Best Hair Rollers for Lazy-Girl Curls and Waves

How to use hair rollers for your best, most low-maintenance hair day
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The last time I/the world used hair rollers was probably right around the time that blue eye shadow was still a definite fashion 'do' and Jessie Spano was tweaking on caffeine pills. But, like crop tops and Doc Martens, what was retro yesterday is hot today.

Case in point: Women in beauty-product-obsessed South Korea are all over hair rollers right now. There are also billions of YouTube tutorials on how to use hair rollers -- legions of women with natural black hair swear by them. And let's not forget that when you're in a hurry to get out the door, there's nothing better than popping on some rollers and going about your morning versus waiting and wilting under a curling iron.

Here are 12 hair rollers and how to use them for every type of wave and curl.

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Hot Hair Rollers
The look: voluminous, TV-anchor hair

For a fast, babely hairstyle that doesn't involve a curling iron, turn to hot rollers. T3's fat, ceramic curlers are the best hot rollers for long hair and short hair alike; they give hair body within minutes and create lasting curls when they're allowed to fully set. For a full, curly look, wait until the rollers are completely cool to the touch before removing them.

Try: T3 Voluminous Hot Rollers Luxe, $119 for 8

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Steam Hair Rollers
The look: body and perfect S-waves

Women with natural black hair love steam rollers, which utilize steam heat to lock curl into place but cause less damage than traditional hot rollers. Steam hair rollers can be set in a variety of ways -- and the size of the roller changes the look quite a bit -- but we love them for creating soft, fluffy S-waves on medium and long hair. Roll up the curlers horizontally, let them do their thing, and brush out the hair when you're done.

Try: Caruso Professional Ion Steam Hairsetter, $49.99 for 30

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Curlformer Hair Rollers
The look: uniform, natural spirals

Curlformers (and their myriad knock-offs) can be used on any hair type, but they're the ultimate in no-heat rollers for natural or transitioning hair. Basically, you insert a long, skinny rod through the sleeve-like Curlformer, then hook a small section of hair near your scalp and pull it through the Curlformer. Depending on the size of Curlformer you buy, you can create a corkscrew-like curl or a wide barrel curl.

Try: Curlformers Long Glam Up Kit, $35.95 for 16 curlers, styling hook and bag

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Basic Foam Hair Rollers
The look: '40s-style curls

These sponge rollers will have you looking like your grandmother -- in a great way. A set of foam hair rollers is the easiest way to give short- or mid-length hair that Old Hollywood look. Use them on barely-damp hair, then sleep on them overnight or set with a blow-dryer.

Try: Hot Tools Foam Rollers, $2.49 for 6

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