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The 12 Best Hair Rollers for Lazy-Girl Curls and Waves

How to use hair rollers for your best, most low-maintenance hair day
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Magnetic Hair Rollers
The look: professional-looking wet sets

Magnetic rollers, confusingly, aren't magnetic at all; they're just simple, plastic rollers. Wet hair sorta clings to them, but many women need additional security using clips, bobby pins or snap-on covers. These rollers may not be for amateurs, and you won't want to snooze on them, but they're inexpensive and their rigid form gives curls a smooth, consistent look.

Try: Donna Snap-On Magnetic Rollers, $0.99 for 12

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Flexi Rod Hair Rollers
If you have long curly hair or natural black hair, you'll love flexi rods. They're amazing for adding definition to droopy-looking curls or wet-setting hair, and their bouncy/spongy texture makes them a great choice for overnight wear.

Try: Hot Tools Professional Long Spongy Rod Rollers, $7.89 for 10

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Heated Stick Rollers
The look: 80s-inspired, fluffy curls

Hot, stick-shaped rollers give similar results to flexi rods in a fraction of the time -- great for those of us with pin-straight hair. In less than 45 minutes, they can transform flat, blah hair into a fluffy, sexy mane. Take a cue from Mandy Moore, whose brushed out, Flashdance-fabulous curls are bound to start a trend.

Try: Conair Hot Sticks Flexible Rollers, $20 for 14

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Pillow Hair Rollers
The look: bouncy, slightly mussed waves

Pillow rollers are an update on old-timey, DIY rag curlers, but they're worth the upgrade -- they create more consistent, voluminous waves than rag rollers. They're also not a PITA to wear to bed, whether your hair is dry or damp. If you're a hair-roller novice, these are simple to use, comfy and versatile -- win-win-win.

Try: Goody Mosaic Satin Pillow Rollers, $10.99 for 16

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Flute Hair Rollers
The look: tangle-free waves and curls

We'll admit that these wacky-looking doodads are a little high-maintenance. First you slip a section of hair in a mesh-like sleeve; then, you wrap it around the cone-shaped roller. The upside is the Velcro roller adheres to the fabric instead of your hair, eliminating any risk of knots. The resulting look is a beachy wave or a princess-y, tapered curl, depending on how long you leave in the curlers.

Try: Bukli Haircare Curling Flutes and Sleeves, $34.95 for 21

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