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The 13 Best Face Masks of 2018 (So Far)

It's been an amazing year for face masks
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As beauty editors, we're privy to a lot of new products. And you know what? Out of all the exciting launches of the moment, face masks are kind of winning the game. They've been amazing across the board — whether you're looking for clay masks, sleeping masks, or even in-shower masks. (Heck, there have been so many amazing picks out there, that we're making a whole separate post for all the great sheet masks).

With that in mind, we've rounded up our top 13 faves. No matter what kind of face mask you're looking for (and no matter what price point), read on — and get ready to meet the mask of your dreams.

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This clay mask changes color as it dries — how cool is that? Beyond the novelty factor, all the kaolin and bentonite clay purifies your complexion like you wouldn't believe, while the AHAs help clear up any imperfections. Oh, and it's packed with vitamin C, which means it helps fade imperfections too.

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This mask really earns its name — the whipped texture really does feel just like marshmallow fluff (minus the stickiness, of course). Plus, the marshmallow root extract in the formula is more than just a fun gimmick — it also helps to brighten your complexion.

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We love a good pore-refining mask and this here's one of the best. Thanks to a potent blend of AHAs and BHAs, as well as nourishing botanicals and purifying clays, this mask leaves your pores so clean. Plus, it's bright blue — and who doesn't love painting their face bright blue every now and then?

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Let's be real: Sometimes, you're just not up to the Herculean task of rinsing your mask off after the prerequisite 15-20 minutes (so much effort). That's where sleeping masks come in — you just slather them on your face and you're good to go. This luxuriously hydrating option is especially wondrous: The jelly texture is so soothing and you'll wake up with a moisturized, dewy complexion.

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