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10 Pore-Clearing Masks That Won't Dry Out Your Skin

Clean out your pores without compromising your skin
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Even if you're lucky enough to have beautiful skin, chances are you're still met with at least a few visible or clogged pores. You might wonder why the heck pores even exist if they cause so much trouble, but they do actually serve a purpose. Your pores act as tunnels that can release sebum to help lubricate skin and keep it healthy (yes, sebum can be good!). Issues occur when you have too much sebum.

An overproduction of sebum can lead to pores becoming clogged, making them look darker and larger. It can also lead to acne (whiteheads, blackheads, cystic acne, you name it). The solution? Make sure you clear the skin of unwanted dirt, oil and makeup and use a cleanser or toner that targets the issue, along with a pore-clearing mask a couple times a week.

Masks are a potent way to deep clean pores. So potent, in fact, that some pore-clearing masks can leave skin dry or flaky. The key is to look for masks that contain nourishing and hydrating ingredients to keep skin balanced. To help you get started on your (sometimes frustrating) pore-clearing adventure, we've rounded up 10 must-try masks that will unclog your pores while nourishing skin.

Image via @origins

Cover image via @origins

When your complexion needs a serious pick-me-up, this exfoliating mask will work its magic. This clay-based mask does more than just draw out impurities. It uses Phytic Acid to gently exfoliate, evening out post-acne marks and sun spots and balancing the pH of the skin.

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Thanks to bamboo charcoal, pores will be thoroughly unclogged of unwanted, breakout-causing dirt, oil and makeup. Golden wildflower and fermented honey also help to keep the skin healthy and conditioned after the charcoal's done its job.

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Every girl on-the-go will appreciate the way this mask works. First, it uses ingredients like aspen bark and papaya enzymes to unclog pores, exfoliate and reveal a fresh new layer of skin. Then, turmeric and rosehip seeds go to work brightening the complexion, using antioxidants to protect against environmental damage and soften the look of scarring or sun damage.

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This pick goes in hard with magnesium-rich amethyst clay to help rid your face of impurities, but it makes sure to leave the skin hydrated, plump and soft thanks to Tasmanian pepper berry, lilly pilly and muntari berry.

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