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9 Eyelash Primers That Are Basically Extensions in a Tube

Say goodbye to falsies and extensions — these are the plumping, protein-packed eyelash primers that yield the same luscious results as your monthly extension habit.
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It's no secret that primers have been subject to heated debate within the beauty industry for some time now. While many A-list makeup artists swear by their favorite formulas, there are just as many who prefer to do without. And though the primer market was once reserved for pre-foundation prep only, it's exponentially increased to include the wonderful world of hair, bronzers, nails and, yes, even eyelashes.

The beauty industry will always be rife with its fair share of ploys and gimmicks. However, we've yet to meet an eyelash primer that's failed to breathe game-changing potential into our morning (and nighttime!) beauty routines. Promising the sky-high fringe typically associated with maintenance-mandatory extensions and falsies, eyelash primers deliver equally flirty results — sans soul-sucking glues and super-steep price tags. As always, some products are better than others, so we've done the research for you -- tracking down the must-have formulas that will streamline your mascara routine and deliver the most flattering of flutters.

Get ready to bat; these are the fuss-free eyelash primers that short and sparse lashes have been searching for.

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A cult classic and backstage staple at runway shows and red carpets alike, Dior's plumping formula was one of the OG mascara primers to hit the market, and the love for the brand's iconic product is still going strong. Featuring a nourishing, oil-based serum in addition to their exclusive Pure WhiteTM complex, this little white tube delivers the exaggerated extension, thickness and curl that you crave — sans extensions or falsies. And since there's nothing better than killing two birds with one stone when it comes to your beauty routine, the product does double duty as both a pre-mascara eyelash primer and a luxurious overnight leave-in. The perks: less fallout, a denser lash line, and intensified color and curl over time.

Extension-building microfibers and a creamy, ultra-conditioning formula is what makes this eyelash primer from Lancome a stand-out in the beauty world. Consistently at the top of the pack when it comes to rave reviews and rankings, this two-in-one primer pampers lashes while you sleep and streamlines your morning mascara application with vitamin-charged conditioners that create a smooth and lengthy canvas.

Known for their skin-loving and cruelty-free formulations, it comes as no surprise that Tarte's Opening Act Lash Primer provides extension-like results in addition to an impressive (not to mention pronounceable) ingredient list. Olive esters, beeswax and cellulose work to naturally soften, smooth and thicken lashes for sultry, super-sized results. Our suggestion? Apply this eyelash primer prior to one (or three) coats of one of the brand's award-winning mascaras. The Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara, $21, is a beauty editor favorite.

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Clinique Lash Building Primer, $16.50
If your lash line has been feeling comparatively sparse or fragile as of late, this ophthalmologist-tested formula from Clinique might be the key to a fuller, flirtier flutter. Just a few swipes of this polymer-packed potion expertly extends the luscious look of your day-to-day mascara application, while simultaneously moisturizing brittle and tired lashes. A simple upward swipe through your fringe powers your mascara through high-stress meetings and your favorite E.O.D. spin class — no flakes or streaks in sight.

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