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5 New Fiber Mascaras for Huge Lashes

These false-lashes-in-a-tube formulas are the answer to wimpy lashes -- and they're better than ever
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Fiber mascara has been around for a while, but the formulas were lackluster. They were messy (imagine fibers sprinkled all over your face), extremely clumpy (not in a good way) and hard to remove. Still, women embraced them: If you want more-than-mascara lashes, but you're not a gifted false-lash artist, fiber mascara is the perfect middle ground.

Fortunately, makeup companies have been working on their fiber mascara formulations, and the latest crop is pretty darn awesome. They're far less messy and much more realistic looking — unless you layer them like crazy (which might be the effect you're after).

There are two types of fiber mascara: one for minimalists and one for the lash-obsessed set. The former is a single step — you apply it just like any other mascara, and the fibers are built into the formula. The latter is a multi-step fiber mascara. You start with a base coat, pile on the fibers and finally lock it in place with more mascara.

Whichever type you choose, just know that once you switch to fiber mascara, you may be forever underwhelmed by regular mascara — the difference is really that dramatic. Here, our favorite new fiber mascara launches for extra fluttery lashes.

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Fibers and Tubing Technology in One
Fiberwig mascara has been a cult favorite for years, so it was surprising to learn that they were changing the formula. Fortunately, the newest version completely eclipses its predecessor. Not only does D.J.V. Miaray Fiberwig Mascara, $18.99, have fibers for thickness and length, it's also a tubing formula. When you remove it, instead of mascara running down your cheeks, it gently lifts away from your lashes in what looks like rubbery tubes. And you don't need a special eye makeup remover to take off this mascara — warm water is enough. As an added bonus, this mascara contains royal jelly extract and silk to help strengthen and soften lashes.

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For the Mascara Lover Who Doesn't Want to Compromise
It's hard enough to find a regular mascara that thickens, lengthens and curls, let alone one with fibers. But Lorac Pro Plus Fiber Mascara, $23, does it all. It contains nylon fibers for added volume and length, and the formula holds a curl incredibly well. If it's volume you're after, let the numbers do the talking: According to clinical trials, this mascara amps up thickness by 2,100 percent.

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Lengthen Your Lashes With Paper (Yes, Paper)
Leave it to a Korean beauty brand to come up with a truly creative way to plump up your lashes. Touch in Sol Paper Pusher Stretch Fiber Lengthening Mascara, $22, contains fibers made of Korean hanji paper from the bark of the mulberry tree. These bits of paper are superabsorbent so they soak up the mascara formula and stick to your lashes incredibly well. The effect is buildable, and the more mascara you apply, the longer your lashes become. And no one would ever guess they were made of paper.

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Immediate and Long-term Results
The fibers in the Physicians Formula Eye Boost Instant Lash Extensions Kit, $14.99, have an almost magnetic quality that holds them right where you want them. You can build thickness and length wherever you need it most, and the result ranges from great mascara to lash extensions. The mascara formula also contains lash-conditioning ingredients to help lashes grow thicker and fuller over time. Eventually, you may not need the fibers at all.

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