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11 Cream Bronzers That Will Melt Into Your Skin for the Ultimate Sun-Kissed Contour

Cream bronzers are the best way to achieve a beachless, natural glow.
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If you love the look of sun-kissed skin but don't live year-round in warm weather, it's time to discover cream bronzers that will melt into your skin for the ultimate beachless glow. Cream bronzers work better than powders to create seamless, natural-looking color due to their hydrating, easy-to-blend formulas. What's more, many of them come in convenient stick forms, so you can trace color onto your face without wondering if your brush is getting into all the right contours. Simply swipe and blend and you'll never look back. Read on for the best cream bronzers worth adding to your makeup routine.

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Love a cream contour stick but have trouble finding one that perfectly fits your complexion's needs? Look to Fenty for your perfect matte skin stick that can also be used for all-over color and even concealing, depending on your skin tone. The blendable shades sink into skin for a crease- and cake-free finish.

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Creamy liquid bronzer is perfect for anyone hoping to achieve a seamless, sun-kissed visage. A few drops of this ultra-lightweight universal formula will leave skin looking luminous in every light.

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If you're not the best with blending powders, you'll love this no-fuss cream contour stick that makes bronzing your face to perfection easier than ever. Simply swipe the color on and use your fingers, a sponge or kabuki brush to blend the color seamlessly into your skin.

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If you love makeup that's as good for skin as it is for your selfie, you'll love this mango- and avocado-infused bronzer. The matte shades effortlessly blend into skin for the perfect sun-kissed glow sans beach.

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