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These Are the Best Bath Bombs for Your Skin Type

Bathtime will never be the same
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Bath bombs are fizzy and fun, but do they do anything for your skin? Unfortunately, some may result in skin not so much soothed, as stressed. Think about it: You're submerging your entire body under their fizzing, soapy surface for much longer than you'd endure, say, a body wash -- if the ingredients don't agree with your skin, irritation awaits. While we will forever recommend Lush as a one-stop shop for bath bombs (and, obviously, we've included one of our favorites in this round-up), we think it's important to find the hidden gems of the bath bomb world and discover the ones that are the best bombs for every skin type. It's our goal that you'll be looking forward to bath time like never before. Ready for a fizzy bit of relaxation and hella good skin as a result? Your perfect bath bomb match is just a scroll away.

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Lush Avobath Bath Bomb, $6.95
Best for: Sensitive Skin

Created with sensitive skin in mind, these trendy avocado bombs are gentle enough for even the most sensitive, dry, rough skin. Formulated with lemongrass and bergamot essential oils, mashed avocados, extra virgin olive oil, and baking soda, this bath time treat will deliver a bubbling soak that cultivates soft, hydrated skin.

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Best for: Sensitive Skin

Lychee is one of those ingredients that's renowned for its anti-inflammatory benefits, making these deliciously scented cubes that much sweeter for your skin. The cubes contain brown sugar, known to be more gentle than regular granulated sugar. Brown sugar is known for not only its exfoliating properties, due to being a natural source of glycolic acid, but also its ability to help speed up the healing process. So, whether your mind or your body is feeling stressed, a dip in this effervescent bubble bath will leave you feeling soothed and revived.

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Best for: All Skin Types

This box of nine body truffles has something for everyone. With ingredients like cucumber, eucalyptus, oatmeal milk and coconut, you can expect sensitive, normal, dry and even oily skin to come out feeling better than before you hopped in. What's more, each truffle is topped off with moisturizing shea butter, meaning you can expect ultra-hydrated skin after each fizz and foam.

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Best for: Normal to Dry Skin

Perhaps your skin is that elusive "normal" -- not too oily, and not to dry, or maybe seasonal changes trigger dryness. Whatever the case may be, this coconut oil-infused bath bomb will quickly become one of your favorite skin-care essentials. Not only will it moisturize your normal to dry skin, but the addition of mineral salts ensures that your skin will come out detoxified, too.

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