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11 Genius Bathroom Organization Ideas

De-clutter your shower or powder room with pretty storage solutions that would make a professional organizer weep
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So there I was, lingering in a steamy, fragrant bubble bath, mulling over which of my dozens of Award-winning products I was going to try, when my new plastic shower caddy broke under the weight of my bath product bounty and a family-size bottle of DHC shampoo fell on my head. It was my Isaac Newton-apple moment: I was suddenly, and literally, struck by the limitations of most manufactured bathroom organization products.

As I reinforced my broken shower bin with leftover ribbon from last Christmas, I realized that I needed to think outside the bin -- and, if you're half the product hoarder I am, so do you. Herewith, the ultimate guide to bathroom organization: super-pretty, super-smart and, most importantly, super-easy ideas for storing your embarrassing amount of beauty products. Because if you wanted to mount shelves, you'd have already done that.

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Plant Your Prettiest Products in Plain View
Stowing your cutest toiletries in vintage planters on a glass end table? So Anthropologie!

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The Storage Solution That's Already in Your Kitchen
Group fancy pots near your shower for quick, rustic-chic organization.

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Because You Have Too Many Shoes to Fit in This, Anyway
Hang a cloth shoe organizer on the back of your bathroom door. The pockets are the perfect size for bottles, not to mention hair tools.

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A Wine Rack = Wine Not?
Free up cabinet space for your multiple bottles of shampoo (admit it) by rolling up your towels and displaying them on a wine rack.

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