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Hairstylists Dish on How to Master the Art of Air-Drying

Simple tips to live by this summer and beyond.
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Air-drying might just be the new blowdry this summer. Whether you just took a dip in the pool, are trying to keep cool or just can't be bothered with a blowdryer after your shower, you can still rock glorious locks. We reached out to three hairstylists for their best tips on air-drying like a pro.

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Give Your Hair a Cool Blast

"End your shower routine with a cool rinse on your hair," advises Sarah Potempa, celebrity hairstylist and founder of The Beachwaver Co. "Hot water in the shower opens the cuticle and exposes it to damage. It's important to close the cuticle with cold water to prevent breakage."

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Invest in a Soft, Gentle Towel

Rubbing your freshly washed hair with a rough towel is a recipe for a frizzy, unkempt mane. Your strands are more delicate than you think so they should be handled with care. "Rough fibers of a typical bath towel cause frizz on the hair cuticles so using a gentle towel is a great way to remove excess water before air-drying," explains Potempa.

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Use Your Fingers to Detangle

Instead of using a comb or a brush to tame your tresses, simply use your fingers. "The temptation is there to run a comb through hair and call it a day while air-drying, but that could create curls that are thin or, worse, frizzy," says Miko Branch, hairstylist and co-founder of Miss Jessie's. "After showering and removing excess moisture with a microfiber towel, rake your fingers through the hair and separate some strands by hand. This way curls will dry more defined."

Bonus points if you scrunch since it'll help add more bounce.

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Try a Volumizing Mousse

"Height at the top of your style for a balanced silhouette can be difficult when air-drying," notes Steven Waldman, hairstylist and director of technical training at Hair Cuttery. "A volumizing mousse worked into the hair closest to the scalp will give the extra support needed to add flattering height to any style."

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