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7 New Lip Treatments to Plump Your Pout Without Injections

Forget the stinging glosses; these new lip treatments gradually plump lips, moisturize and fill fine lines over time -- painlessly
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Lip injections are up 50 percent (largely thanks to Kylie Jenner), but there are still legions of women who don't want a needle stuck into their kisser. Beauty companies have responded by developing high-end lip treatment products designed to plump lips, soften lines and improve lip condition in general -- without injections. And they work.

While some of these lip treatments may sound like glorified lip balms, there's a lot more to them: supercharged ingredients, intensive research and clinical testing -- to name a few. Whether you're looking to zap fine lines or plump up your lips like Kylie, there's a new lip treatment for you. Just be prepared to wait a few weeks -- not minutes -- before you see results. But at least you won't be icing duck lips.

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Roll Your Way to Fuller Lips
The primary goal of Fillerina Lip Volume, $89, is to give you lips that look like they've been filled. It's a gel that contains six types of hyaluronic acid spheres (the same ingredient used in most injections), and you simply roll it on day and night. While hyaluronic acid molecules are generally too large to penetrate deeply into the skin, Fillerina has special technology that helps it sink in -- and once they're there, they attract water to increase hydration as well as lip size.

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Lipstick Primer
Strivectin Nourishing Lip Plumper, $39, has both immediate and gradual results. Slap some on under lipstick, and your favorite red won't bleed or feather. After a few weeks of using it, lips will start to feel softer and look fuller thanks to hyaluronic acid and niacinamide.

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In-Office and At-Home Option
If you're game for a professional treatment, but you're not quite ready for needles, try Perk Lips, $29.95. An aesthetician will use a special machine to infuse serum into your lips for an immediate plumping effect. Then, you get to take home a vial of the serum -- in a nifty roller pen -- to keep the results going for a month.

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Lip Line Eraser
Lip lines -- the ones around the border of your lips -- are the worst. They make lips appear thinner than they really are, and they create tiny rivers that pull lipstick away from where it belongs. Arbonne Intelligence Lip Treatment, $38, addresses them specifically with an ingredient called phytinol. It strengthens the lip barrier and minimizes those lines over time.

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