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These 7 Foaming Body Washes Will Be Everything This Summer

Because, shouldn't we make showers great again?
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Showers: If you're anything like us, you've developed a love/hate relationship with them over the years. Yes, they're totally essential to our hygiene and cleanliness (though sometimes our addiction to dry shampoo pushes some serious boundaries), yet all too often, what should be a slow and luxurious routine turns into a race against the clock. Convenience repeatedly overtakes indulgence. As we scramble to deep condition our strands, exfoliate our skin, and — if we must — shave our legs, it's easy to forget to enjoy the little things that can relax us before that frustrating 9am meeting or after an overly aggressive barre class.

Enter: game-changing self-foaming body washes that basically force you to stop, breathe and blissfully unwind. Whipped and mousse-like, the newest formulas are a far cry from your basic body wash; they transform your Sunday self-care ritual into everyday luxury and leave skin otherworldy soft. Moisturizing, velvety and nothing short of divine, these are the body washes that just might run up your shower bill.

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Formulated with crème de la crème ingredients like pro vitamin B5, this smooth-as-silk cleansing body mousse from Nivea makes even the speediest of showers way more luxe. With a balanced pH that sensitive skin will love, limbs will feel softer, and your headspace clearer. To reap all the glorious benefits, give the can a hearty shake before dispensing a small palmful into your hand. (Ed. Note: A little goes a long way — which also makes for a superhappy wallet.)

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If you're a sucker for packaging, this rich shower foam from Rituals is a complete no-brainer when it comes to upgrading your shower routine. Softly fragrant with hints of lush cherry blossom, even the smallest squeeze delivers a nourishing dose of organic, sudsy euphoria. Simply massage it into your skin as it foams and let the softening rice milk work its magic.

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The antidote to even the most head-spinning of days, this richly transformative shower gel is infused with the blissful scent of lavender and skin-rejuvenating Alpine grapeseed oil which also helps tone the appearance of your skin, over time. Free of parabens, silicones, mineral oils and the like, the formula will instantly foam with contact to water — aka your shower scene has never felt so idyllic.

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Though we know you've lathered yourself in copious amounts of sunscreen prior to this summer's beach stints and barbeques, an influx of sand, sun, heat and yes, your favorite cocktails, can leave skin dry and totally parched. Thanks to its NutriumMoisture technology, Dove's new foaming body wash helps reverse some of the damage, cleansing skin with a lather reminiscent of whipped cream and a finish that's moisturized and glowing.

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