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19 Awesome '80s Hairstyles You Totally Wore to the Mall

Eighties hair was definitely bigger but we'll let you decide if these styles -- created with a whole lot of hairspray -- were better
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Get ready for the best throwback you'll see all week, because we're traveling way, way back to the 1980s -- a glorious decade of innovations when Walkmans let us listen to our fave mix tapes on the go, Nintendos let us play in virtual worlds and our steady supply of Aqua Net let us craft supervolumized '80s hair that defied the laws of physics.

Yep, '80s hair embodied the #BigHairDontCare spirit long before hashtags were even a thing. It was a time of gloriously over-teased locks, larger-than-life bangs and enough curls and crimp-age to, like, totally dwarf a human head into pea-size proportions. And, lucky for us, despite the lack of social media back in the day, pics of the most epic '80s hair are alive and well on the internet. Here, 19 of the most awesomely outrageous '80s hair shots we could find.

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'80s Hair: Great Heights
We're pretty sure this gal spent her allowance almost exclusively on Aqua Net. After all, you don't get gravity-defying bangs like this without some serious hairspray application.

Image via Pinterest

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'80s Hair: Picture Perfect
After taking the time to craft truly epic '80s hair, you headed to the mall to get your Glamour Shot -- and prayed that every inch of your voluminous 'do fit within the wallet-sized pic you were going to trade with your friends.

Image via Pinterest

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'80s Hair: I Woke Up Like This
Looking like you woke up with a small tumbleweed atop your head was the '80s hair equivalent of bedhead.

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'80s Hair: Mullet Mayhem
Who said '80s hair wasn't versatile? Here's a multipurpose mullet that says party in the front, business in the back.

Image via Sarcasticsarcasms.

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