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19 Emo Hair Looks So Good We Could Cry

You can still be sad AF -- just not about your bad hair days
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Here's news that will bring joy to your former angst-ridden teenage self: Emo hair -- unlike your favorite Dashboard Confessional t-shirt -- has stood the test of time. Yep, there's a whole new generation of gals displaying sadness through emo hair.

You know the look we're talking about, right? It's a moody mullet featuring choppy layers, wispy ends and a sweep of face-obscuring bangs -- perfect for hiding tears running through copious amounts of black eyeliner.

Whether you're looking for a little modern day emo hair inspiration or you want to relive your emotionally turbulent high school days (because, duh, you're a former emo yourself) these nostalgic hairstyles are just what you need. We've assembled a collection of styles that any emo kid -- past or present -- will recognize as essential to any emo hair look.

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Emo Hair: Chop-Chop
Most emo hairstyles feature layers choppier than the emotional waves you navigate on a daily basis. Think short, face-framing layers paired with long locks for a look that's as complicated as your many feelings.

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Emo Hair: Bangin' Style
A cardinal rule of emo hair? Sideswept bangs that cover roughly half your face. Get ready to say so long to seeing the world through both eyes. (And that's OK because most things you see only serve to bring tears to your peepers.)

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Emo Hair: Short Hair, Don't Care (About Anything)
Unlike a long 'do, a short emo hairstyle doesn't require a lot of styling time, so you'll be free to deal with more important things (read: your deep despair). Another bonus? The piece-y dog-ear pieces are perfect for hiding those gauge piercings from Mom and Dad.

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Emo Hair: Side Project
You know how to create a side part, right? OK, now move it over by like four or five inches so it starts at your temple. Now, you've got yourself an emo side part. It helps create a face-obscuring style that's just perfect for shy, sensitive emo kids who like to hide behind a curtain of hair.

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