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14 Colorful Roots That Will Make You Feel like Rainbow Brite

This rainbow hair trend turns neglected roots into an edgy style statement
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Rainbow roots — the brainchild of Lottie Tomlinson — is the coolest new way to cover up grays or grown-out color. It's also a more covert way to rock the wild rainbow hair trend — and it's safe to say we're obsessed.

This electric hair color trend isn't just for teens; grown-ass women are wearing rainbow roots — and slaying. Whether you want to go full-blown Rainbow Brite or prefer soft pink roots, the color possibilities are endless. The most difficult part? finding your root color spirit animal. Not sure it would look phenomenal on you? Girl, please. Here, 15 rainbow roots looks that will convince you otherwise.

Image via jenatkinhair

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Peek-A-Boo Rainbow Roots
We don't taste the rainbow, we wear it (and looking gorgeous doing it).

Image via styleelectric

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Pastel Plait
This classy updo looks so much better with a touch of color.

Image via Seventeen

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Pretty Poppin' Pink Roots
What better way to spice up ombre than by debuting some pink roots? No filter needed, this rainbow roots look is 100 percent stunning all on its own.

Image via quianaroseverbeten

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Blue Roots
We're going cool for the summer (don't tell your mother). Platinum blonde plus blue roots equals one chic head of hair.

Image via Pinterest

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