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14 Ways Even Your Stick-Straight Hair Can Have Beach Waves

The genius tricks you've never heard of for getting tousled, textured hair
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Every summer, I'm bombarded with magazine spreads and YouTube tutorials on how to get the perfect beach waves hair-- and I devour every one of them. I buy salt spray and sit religiously in front of my vanity trying to create those perfectly undone, (seemingly) low-maintenance waves. Summer beach waves may be considered a "quick and easy" hairstyle, but my limp, un-waved hair insists otherwise. So, with the help of Dove celebrity stylist Mark Townsend and the internet, I tracked down 14 supereasy beach wave tutorials that actually work.

Get ready to have your world rocked, and your waves turned seriously beachy. (You can thank me later.)

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The Beach Waves Technique: Overnight Braids
The Products:
Hair Serum
Beach Waves Spray

The How-To: "Achieving beach waves is the easiest and most successful overnight style that a gal on the go can do," says Townsend. Start with damp -- not wet -- hair. Townsend recommends applying Dove Regenerative Nourishment Serum in Oil, $5.99, to hair first to keep it from looking fried. "The 2016 beach wave is all about healthy texture and bends in the hair," he says. Then mist Sally Hershberger 24K Beach Glam Mineral Wave Spray, $28, over your hair.

Rake your fingers through your hair, then divide into four sections and loosely braid them. The two braids on the side of your head should start right below your ear. When you wake up, take out your braids use your fingers to break them up. For additional piecey-ness, Townsend recommends running a dollop of mousse through your hair. Image Source

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The Beach Waves Technique: Baby Wipe Rollers
The Products:
Baby Wipes
Fine-tooth Comb
Finishing Spray

The How-To: Starting with dry hair, separate your hair into two-inch pieces. Then, take a baby wipe (folded three times lengthwise) and roll a section of hair tightly around it as though it were a hot roller, starting at the end and rolling upward. Once you've reached your scalp, tie the ends of the baby wipe together and continue around your whole head. When you're done, your head should be covered in small knots, says Mario Russo, owner and lead stylist at Salon Mario.

Sleep on the style overnight; then in the morning take out the baby wipes. Using your fingers or a fine-tooth comb, loosen the style and finish with a light hold finishing spray, like Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Perfect Texture Finishing Spray, $28.

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The Beach Waves Technique: Double Barrel Curling Iron
The Products:
Dry Shampoo
Beach Spray
Double Barrel Curling Iron

The How-To: "I'm obsessed with the texture that this tool provides," says Townsend. He recommends one from Remington, like the Ultimate Stylist Wrap to Waves, $24.99. "Start by separating your hair into small- to medium sections, depending on your density," he explains. Then, spray a dry shampoo, like Dove Refresh + Care Dry Shampoo, $4.49 on each section before going in with the iron to add texture and hold. "Then go in and 'figure eight' your hair around the two prongs," he explains. "The result is a stunning and imperfect "S" wave as opposed to a spiral curl." Once you're finished, spray Oribe Apres Beach Wave and Shine Spray, $39, throughout your hair.

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The Beach Waves Technique: Curl and Pull
The Products:
1.25-inch Curling Iron
Dry Shampoo
Beach Spray

The How-To: "Naturally straight hair needs a bit of extra love when it comes to getting beach waves," says Townsend. "Instead of the double barrel iron, I use my 1.25-inch GHD curling iron." Section you hair into small/medium sections (depending on the density of your hair), and spray it with dry shampoo. "Next, wrap your hair around the iron starting from the top and going down," he explains. "Hold your section in the iron for a few seconds before releasing it." If your hair doesn't hold a curl, leave it as is. Otherwise, use your fingers to pull the curl straight for a hot second to get wavy texture. Finish it off with a beach wave spray for additional texture.

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