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25 Ways to Step Up Your Ponytail Game

From runway-worthy updos to two-minute tweaks, here are our favorite ponytail styles for summer
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The Textured Ponytail
How to:
-Create a deep side part (the arch of your eyebrow is a good rule of thumb) in damp hair. Then spritz a volumizing spray, like Bumble and Bumble Thickening Hairspray, $29, throughout.
-Next, blow-dry your hair using your fingers to get a messy, textured look.
-Gather hair into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck, pushing up as you secure it to create volume at the crown.
-Pull a few face-framing pieces of hair free to emphasize the undone look.

Courtesy Band of Outsiders

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The Side Part Ponytail
How to:
-Apply Redken Satinwear 02 Blow-Dry Lotion, $19, to damp hair and blow-dry hair until smooth with a boar bristle brush.
-Using a rat-tail comb, create a deep clean side part, pull back into ponytail and secure with elastic.
-Spray Redken Forceful 23 Super Strength Finishing Spray, $18, onto hands before smoothing away any flyaways.
-Use a curling iron to add movement into the ponytail if necessary.

Courtesy Hugo Boss

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The Crisscross Ponytail
How to:
-Secure most of your hair into a low ponytail with a clear elastic, leaving two sections in front on either side of your face.
-Take the section of hair on the left side and separate it into a top layer and a bottom layer.
-Take the top layer, and cross it over in back to the right side of your head, above your ponytail. Secure with a bobby pin.
-Take the top section of hair on the right side of your head and cross over the left. As before, pin it in place, this time also pinning the tail of extra hair leftover from your last pin.
-Repeat the crossing and pinning motion with your remaining two sections of hair. Hide any leftover tails of hair by pinning them under your ponytail or wrapping them around the elastic.

Courtesy A Beautiful Mess

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The Extra Long Ponytail
How to:
-Start with freshly washed hair, curled messily with an iron. Pull the lower half of your hair into a mid-height ponytail.
-Gather back the top half of your hair, and back comb it a bit for extra volume.
-Secure the top half of your hair into a high ponytail directly above of the lower one, then drop it. Your top ponytail will hide the elastic underneath, making your ponytail look extra long.

Courtesy Promise Tangeman

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The Figure 8 Ponytail
How to:
-Start with clean, dry hair, brushed through to eliminate tangles. Gather hair behind your head and split in two equal sections.
-Grab a smaller section of hair from the left side, weave it over the remaining hair on the left and under the hair on the right.
-Weave that same section of hair back over the right side and under the left.
-Repeat this weaving motion with the same section of hair over and under either side, tightening as you go.
-When your strand of hair runs out, take a new section from the left side, blend the two together and continue weaving.
-Finish the figure eight at your desired place, leaving plenty of hair for the ponytail. Secure with an elastic.

Courtesy Luxy Hair

Ah, the ponytail: The no-frills hairstyle we wear to the gym, around the house or running errands. At least that's what it used to be. Unlike the plain Jane ponytails of the past, this summer's ponytail hairstyles are turning heads. Inspired by the runway, the blogosphere and the city streets, we're seeing voluminous texture, woven details and other creative elements that are taking the age-old ponytail to 2016. Here, we present the 25 ponytail tutorials we're most excited about this summer -- from high-fashion styles to quick looks anyone can master.
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